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Lack of signposts for places of interest - We used Vryheid as a stop over on our way home from Kruger National Park (4 - 6 Jan 2014). Our sole purpose was to visit the Battle fields in the area. We were disappointed to see the lack of interest in signposts to these various sites. Some signs were the old brown colour which were faded or the lettering had peeled off (one Nkambula sign). Some sites one couldn't even get to - no path or road in particular Scheepersnek along the R33. The entrance to Blood River was appalling - poorly sign posted. In fact we stopped to ask a local if we were on the right road. 21km on dirt road, which could do with a grading, resulted in our ultimate destination. Blood River has just celebrated 175 years & yet is hard to find. Maybe the road signs need money spent on them rather than millions spent on another memorial site depicting the Zulu side of Blood River which incidentally is closed to tourists on a Sunday! We found this strange when weekends are often prime time for tourists, like us local South Africans, to visit interesting venues. The potholes on our roads are something to be seriously looked at - some have been patched (badly) while others are large & could do serious damage if one were not able to dodge the holes. Not all can be blamed on Vryheid as we noticed we passed through three municipal areas on our 70 km trip just to Blood River. Maybe all municipalities should work together for the betterment of South Africa? I would like to see pamphlets and maps readily available at shops, garages etc to places of interest within the Vryheid area. This will allow tourist easier access to information rather than trying to follow the information sign to a venue somewhere in town.

Brigitte Blignault
South Africa

Poor roads - It is a pity that a tourist destination such as Vryheid, in the midst of the cultural heartland and the battlefields route, has to make do with roads in such a poor condition. Due to the internationally recognised battlefields, large numbers of international tourists visit the area and are exposed to some of the worst sections of roads in the country. We visited the Bloedrivier heritage site on 28 April 2013 and was appalled at the condition of the entrance road, as well as the non existent route markings. Accidentally, also at the turnoff, we came across an international tourist party, consisting out of 9 Hertz vehichles trying to find their bearings on their GPS's looking for the turn off. This state of affairs creates an impression to the outside world, we South Africans do not take our own heritage and cultural diversity at heart. Tourism is indicated to be the biggest growth point in the economy, yet the resources needed to grow the economy is neglected.

Louis Louis
South Africa

Vryheid stopover - Vryheid is a big little town with everything one needs for a breakaway.

Des Jurgens
South Africa

Average - Not much to do or see in Vryheid. Scenery out of town is quite beautiful. Had to drive 70km to Dundee to find a decent restaurant.

Rudi Nieuwoudt
South Africa

Festive destination - We had a good stay. We enjoyed swimming and using all wellness centre facilities.

sifiso kunene
South Africa
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    4 x 4 Trails
    62.8km from Vryheid

    Thangami 4x4 Trail is located within the rocky and mountainous area in between Vryheid, Nongoma and...
  • Bivane Dam Bass Fishing Bivane Dam Bass Fishing

    Popular Attraction
    40.4km from Vryheid

    1 Review
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  • Bivane Dam Bird Watching Bivane Dam Bird Watching

    Popular Attraction
    40.4km from Vryheid

    The Bivane Dam area is host to an incredible amount bird species. If you're a keen bird watcher, the...
  • Bivane Dam Bivane Dam

    Dam or Vlei
    40.4km from Vryheid

    The Bivane Dam is located on the R69 between Pongola and Vryheid. Built on the Bivane River, the dam...
  • Bivane Dam Quad Biking Bivane Dam Quad Biking

    Popular Attraction
    40.4km from Vryheid

    Bivane Dam has numerous trails for you to tackle on quad bike, suitable for all levels of experience....
  • Bivane Dam Mountain Biking Bivane Dam Mountain Biking

    Mountain Biking Trails
    40.4km from Vryheid

    Bivane Dam comes with it's very own mountain bike trail for the biking enthusiasts visiting the...
  • Bivane Dam Water Sports Bivane Dam Water Sports

    Popular Attraction
    40.5km from Vryheid

    Bivane Dam is the perfect location to enjoy some thrilling water sport activites. Bring along your boat...
  • Bivane River Rafting Bivane River Rafting

    Popular Attraction
    40.7km from Vryheid

    River rafting on the Bivane River is an exciting and thrilling experience for kayaking and canoeing...
  • Bivane 4x4 Trail Bivane 4x4 Trail

    4 x 4 Trails
    63.1km from Vryheid

    Bivane 4x4 Trail is located in the Ithala Game Reserve and the nearest town is Vryheid, 67 km away. The...
  • Ithala Game Reserve 4x4 Trails Ithala Game Reserve 4x4 Trails

    4 x 4 Trails
    63.1km from Vryheid

    Ithala Game Reserve 4x4 Trails is not well-known for 4x4ing but unknown to many, they offer two trails. ...
  • Ithala Game Reserve Ithala Game Reserve

    Nature Reserve
    66.0km from Vryheid

    Offering four of the Big Five, prolific birdlife and spectacular mountain scenery, Ithala Game Reserve...
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Vryheid Restaurants

  • Golden Peak Spur Golden Peak Spur

    South African Restaurant
    1.3km from Vryheid

    There are over 237 local Spur steak branches and 28 international ones. Spur offers hearty and...
  • Battle Creek Spur Battle Creek Spur

    South African Restaurant
    76.3km from Vryheid

    1 Review
    There are over 237 local Spur steak branches and 28 international ones. Spur offers hearty and...
  • La Ta4ula La Ta4ula

    Bistro Restaurant
    71.1km from Vryheid

    La Ta4ula entices with odd combinations that work well and add a sense of playfulness to the meal. The...
  • Bon Vie Coffee Shop and Restaurant Bon Vie Coffee Shop and Restaurant

    Coffee Shop Restaurant
    85.4km from Vryheid

    For the best freshly ground coffee in town, the tastiest food and the friendliest service, visit Bon Vie...
  • Tudor Rose Family Restaurant Tudor Rose Family Restaurant

    South African Restaurant
    86.1km from Vryheid

    Tudor Rose is a fully licensed family restaurant situated in Wakkerstroom. We offer: Delicious...
  • Birdsong Art Cafe Birdsong Art Cafe

    South African Restaurant
    86.4km from Vryheid

    Relax in the cafe, where the works of local artists enhance the delightful ambience, or on the veranda. ...
  • The Bistro Wakkerstroom The Bistro Wakkerstroom

    Fusion Restaurant
    86.5km from Vryheid

    The Bistro offers fusion food in a hippy chic atmosphere, with al-fresco tapas provided on lunch...
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