About SafariNow.com

We are 100 people (and hiring) who are helping to build the world's leading travel community & business network for Africa.

We are exploring ways to transform the travel-booking experience, to be simple and easy, yet stunningly powerful at the same time.

We've booked millions of bed nights in the past 14 years and things are just starting to become interesting.

Inspired by the emergence of the community Web 2.0 generation, we're aiming to build an Internet travel service that leads the world, from Africa.

We're not there yet, we're still travelling...

We invite you to travel with us!

SafariNow.com launched in January 1999.

Our offices are based in Scarborough and Tokai, Cape Town, South Africa. See our core values.

Click here to read an article about us in the Telkom 365 Magazine.(PDF 6MB)


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