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Biesiesvlak Dissapointment
Jonathan Pratt, South Africa - 06 May 2015
We planed to stay 2 nights - left the next day. The owner to date have not called back or questioned why. What you see on the website and what you get are two different things. Will not waste further time listing all the issues - maybe just that the bathrooms are shocking.
Awesome weekend
Jeanell Kelly - 10 April 2012
It was a great weekend, great setting and best of all, was the fact that everything is setup before you get there. We will highly recommend it to anyone, even those who don't camp often.

Biesievlak River Cabins and Campsite
If you think that having no tent should stop you from actually going camping, think again. This is longer the case, with the arrival of Biesievlak River Cabins and Campsite.

The hassle and logistics of a camping weekend in the Citrusdal Valley is now a thing of the past. The slogan, “You only bring food and clothes,” shakes up any preconceived idea you have about camping, leaking tents, missing poles and pegs, hard ground and sand fleas.

To set the scene, we offer a 100-hectate citrus-buchu-rooibos farm located about 20 km from Citrusdal, with the campsite located right on the banks of the Olifants River, so we’re not talking dodge municipal setting. We’re talking wide open spaces, green grass, gorgeous sunsets, languid days filled with swimming, braaing and getting to know your neighbours.