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Katima Mulilo
Katima Mulilo is a busy little town, reminding me of our town, Musina, in SA.Unfortunately there is not a lot to do out of season, although you will find all you need in the shops. We also had to visit the doctor and pharmacy, which was a positive experience, with a very clean and tidy environment.We had a boat trip on the Okavango river. Something you have to do when you are in Katima Mulilo. On our way to Kasane (Botswana) about 20km out of Katima Mulilo is Lake Liambezi - it's awesome and worth traveling the dirt road of 17km!!
Liesel Roos
South Africa

Katima Mulilo - Nature lovers paradise
Katimo Mulilo is the most eastern town in Namibia. It is the capital for the Caprivi province. I's situated on the embankments of the Zambezi river with a population of 25 000 people. Air Namibia flyies to Katima Mulilo six days a week.It can be reached via two main roads, both in a good condition - from the west and south via the B8. Katima also link the Copper fields in Zambia with the export port of Durban, South Africa. The local language is Losi allthough english is the dominent communication language. Katima Mulilo is the nature lovers dream with accomodation to suit every need. From...
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Barend de Klerk
South Africa

Katima M
good for shopping, 3 supermarkets.not much else good bird watching in the area
Paul Bramhall
South Africa

2 nights in Katima
Katima is the eastern most tip of Namibia and was for us only a transit destination to the Vic Falls. Non the less we were positively surprised how clean the city centre and the shops are. You can probably get almost anything there. If you miss your KFC there is a brand new outlet in the main street. I was told river safaris and fishing is a big hit in Katima, maybe I'll try it out next time.
Peter Weiersmüller

A great little place
Katima Mulillo is a great place to stay for a few days, There is not a lot but very good things on offer.
Holger Groenert
South Africa

I was well surprised by the town and the people. We could access banks, retail outlets and the pharmacy. We enjoyed an good lunch at the Portugese Cuisine restaurant as well with reasonable prices.Petrol and diesel are available at 4 different outlets.
Alwyn Theunissen
South Africa

After visiting the border town of Rundu we were not looking forward to another border town but how wrong we were! We found the people really helpful (especially the pharmacist) and with a lively atmosphere. A great place to unwind next to the Zambizi.
Susan Harris

A birding paradise
Katima, as well as the rest of Caprivi, is a birders paradise, with well over 400 species. Many are endemic to this area, and thus only to be found here, or can be found here more easily than elsewhere. To find them during a short stay, a birding guide would be very valuable, but is often not available.Pity the local population is very fast de-foresting and burning wooded areas, which is making large sections of the environment very unattractive.
John Willemse
South Africa