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Top Destinations near Barberton

  • Overberg Overberg

    27.5km from Barberton

    399 Reviews
    In the early days of the European occupation of the Cape, very few people ventured far from the foot of...
  • Wild Frontier Wild Frontier

    33.2km from Barberton

    221 Reviews
  • White River White River

    48.7km from Barberton

    16 Reviews
    White River has just sufficient altitude to escape the nasty old anopheles...
  • Kaapsehoop Kaapsehoop

    33.5km from Barberton

    36 Reviews
  • Sonheuwel Sonheuwel

    31.1km from Barberton

    2 Reviews
  • West Acres West Acres

    32.1km from Barberton

  • Piggs Peak Piggs Peak

    29.9km from Barberton

    4 Reviews
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