Things to Do in Bophirima Region

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North West Province Overview
The North West Province is mostly pretty close to the urban conurbation of Johannesburg and Pretoria.… Read More
Taung Skull Heritage Site

Taung Skull Heritage Site

Galleries and Museums in Taung (108.9 km from Bophirima Region)

The Taung Heritage Site is hugely significant. It was here that skull of a child was unearthed – the early hominid "Australopithecus africanus". This discovery led many scientists to believe that the origin of early man began on the African continent. Close to the limestone cliffs is a series of lovely pools, the Blue Pools. Surrounded by pretty...

Taung Dam

Taung Dam

Dams Vleis in Taung (110.9 km from Bophirima Region)

Recreational fishing - famous for it's bass fish. Great picnic spot/s available. An undiscovered gem!


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