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Stillpoint Manor U Rock!
Nomonde Nzutha, South Africa - 28 November 2016
I wouldn't mind coming back for more days.

Thanks very much for the hospitality I would recommend my friends and family to visit your lodge.
Pamper package
Albert Vorster, South Africa - 06 October 2016
My wife and I really enjoyed our stay at Stillpoint. The room was really nice. The staff was very friendly and went out of their way to make us feel at home. The massage was out of this world. the food was excellent. Will definitely go back.
ann Lockyer, South Africa - 18 December 2014
Hi all. had a lovely time at Stillpoint. Only thing that put me off was the swimming pool, it was like a fish pond. You could never swim in it. Otherwise it was a great night. Thanks.
Phillip van der Walt, South Africa - 02 December 2014
My wife and I decided to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary at Stillpoint Country manor. On arrival at the gate the security guard welcomed us politely and indicated where we must park and where we must go to reception to be booked in. The lady at the front desk greeted us and arranged for our luggage to be taken to our room where she also accompanied us to our room. The room (Room number 20) was spacious but there was a few things that we could see that was not to taste, considering that the establishment has a four star rating. The sliding door to the patio’s lock was broken and even if you lock the door you could slide it open, the front door had a crack in the one corner of the door. The dresser table’s one pedestals foot was broken and there was indication of roof leaks in both the bedroom and bathroom area. The bathroom floor makes a funny snap sound when you walk on it. And there are no portraits or pictures on the wall to create a cosy and welcome atmosphere. There is also no safe in the cupboards to lock away any valuables as one normally expect of a four star rating. As part of the package a neck, back and shoulder massage was offered which we never received. However on the other hand the romantic dinner on the patio and the food was delicious starters, main course and desert was superb. The breakfast the following morning was also very well prepared and both my wife and I enjoyed the dinner as well as the breakfast, compliments to the chef. I don’t know if the rooms are still under construction , hence the small defects as it seems to me that there are some renovations that is currently taking place (the patio’s roof is a new corrugated iron roof replaced recently ect…. That is noticeable) In a nutshell, the food is superb, and the staff is friendly but the physical location needs some attention.
Romantic place to stay for couples
Ricardo Goncalves, South Africa - 10 November 2014
We celebrated our 16th year wedding anniversary at Stillpoint and they delivered everything as romantic as possible. Would recommend Stillpoint anytime.
Natasha Bezuidenhout, South Africa - 03 November 2014
We truly felt pampered at Still point this weekend, the staff was so friendly, the food was delicious. We would definitely go back!!! Natasha
I will return
Minette Bower, South Africa - 20 October 2014
I have had the pleasure of frequenting quite a few boutique hotels in my life, and it is with the utmost pleasure that I recommend Stillpoint Country Manor.
What they may lack in professionalism they make up for in their sheer friendliness and willingness to assist. I have found many upmarket boutique hotels making your stay uncomfortable due to them constantly trying to steer focus away from they’re poor service with a hierarchy or snobbish manner, but I am delighted to say that the staff at Stillpoint do not follow the norm, they have a humbling approach and the friendliness you would expect from family.
Lastly if you do not find a reason to visit the Manor based on my previous statement, I would suggest visiting them purely to dine from they’re kitchen, the food we received while staying at Stillpoint was of the best I have had, and the chef definitely knows his/her way around the kitchen. All in all my verdict stands, what you get, for what you pay is more than worth your while.
Absolutely amazing!
Zinette Cronje, South Africa - 29 September 2014
Thank you for making our anniversary extra special and super romantic! We loved every detail and the food was amazing!
Carmia Viljoen, South Africa - 22 September 2014
What a great romantic breakaway! Excellent service, accommodation and food! Will be going back a lot! Thank you for offering such great packages.
Craig Nicholson, South Africa - 15 September 2014
The food, staff and accommodation was fantastic!
One of the best experiences
olivia guerini, South Africa - 08 September 2014
My partner and I went to celebrate our anniversary and we received presidential treatment. Everything was perfect from the room to the service. Personal staff with a keen eye to detail. We enjoyed a fantastic massage, idyllically prepared high tea and a three-course dinner that ranks some of the best we have ever had. The personal touches such as the gifts and a private dinner by the fireplace just added something special. We wish we had stayed longer. Thank you so much!
mandy rambharos, South Africa - 11 August 2014
Mediocre and disappointing. The best part about Stillpoint was the service by the waiters and security guards. The front desk staff and others we encountered could learn from them. We arrived later than planned, yet the room was not completely ready - no towels and when they did eventually arrive they were damp as were the cloth napkins at dinner. The front desk was not manned during the evening - or at least every time we went to speak to someone to help. The person who met us when we arrived didn't even know what the occasion was (why ask all these questions upfront). The massages were ok and the food was good - but there were prawns in my butternut soup despite me informing the hotel that I am allergic to all seafood. Imagine if I had eaten it. All seems stuff you can overlook but it added up for us and this was just one night. The gift was a nice touch - pity about the quality. Suggest you use better suppliers. When we left the person at the front desk never said goodbye, hope you enjoyed your stay or how was you stay nothing. Little touches that would have helped a mediocre setting.
Lovely experience
Chirene Wiid, South Africa - 11 August 2014
We had such a lovely night! The room was beautiful, the staff were so friendly, the food was delicious. I'll definitely recommend it to anyone.
Most amazing stay
Jenna Wright, South Africa - 11 August 2014
I recently spent 1 night at Stillpoint and it blew my expectations. The attention to detail was great, the food was beyond amazing and the staff were super friendly. We were even treated to our own private dinner in the lounge with candles and rose petals everywhere. We will definitely be returning to Stillpoint.
Jiveshri Naidoo, South Africa - 21 July 2014
I absolutely cannot emphasise how PERFECT Stillpoint Country Manor is. The staff were well trained and sooo friendly, the food exquisite and the room was gorgeous!! Could not find a single fault. BF and I have revived our love after our stay over here. Perfect for an intimate, romantic getaway. Will be back soon and for much longer.
Unkept promises!
Melanie Mewald, South Africa - 22 June 2014
What shall I say? It was supposed to be our mummy-to-be-honeymoon-getaway, but except for beautiful rooms and a staff that stayed friendly at all times, everything that could go wrong, went wrong. In order not to publish my experiences here, I contacted the management. Except for an email which stated that one would look into the matter that very evening to get back to me asap, nothing has happened, not even after nearly a week has passed by. I am too tired and terribly ill due to the lack of sufficient heating there to share details. However, quality for money looks completely different. To end positively, the physiotherapist who came from outside to do the massages, was absolutely fantastic.
Romantic Getaway
Lindi Dlamini, South Africa - 17 June 2014
We really enjoyed our stay @ Stillpoint, the place is beautiful and the staff was very friendly. The service was great and the food was good I must say if I need some quality time in the future I will not hesitate to go back to Stillpoint.
Rina Smit, Namibia - 22 May 2014
To Marnel and all the staff of Stillpoint Country Manor thank you for a wonderful time. I enjoyed every minute. Staff are very friendly and helpful, my room was comfortable and clean. Breakfast was great. I will most certainly recommend anyone to stay at Stillpoint.
Heloise Zeedijk, South Africa - 28 April 2014
Wow! What a wonderful romantic getaway! Everyone is super friendly and helpful, from the staff at the gate as you arrive, right through. A special thanks to Rosie, Livingstone and Kenneth. The ammenities are excellent and the food divine. Will definitely go again!
Elca Van Heerden, South Africa - 24 February 2014
It was perfect, everything I hoped for. They were friendly, professional, and made the evening perfect. Thanks Denise and "Chicken" for treating us like royalty. :)
Lovely getaway
Lindsay , South Africa - 10 February 2014
Was much nicer than I had expected. The food was simply divine and the surroundings are really peaceful. Staff incredibly friendly. Would definitely go back! Excellent value for money
Wonderful romantic night away
Natalie Clark, South Africa - 19 January 2014
We had a very pleasant experience at Stillpoint Country Manor. The staff are amazing and so professional. Our private dinner experience was wonderful, the food was divine and Stillpoint really set the scene for a romantic night. The accommodation was great. It is wonderful to feel like you are out in the country yet you are 10 mins away from Fourways Mall etc. We loved it! Their one night romance package really is worth it.
Friendly service
Gerhard Bronkhorst, South Africa - 11 November 2013
Very friendly and good service, Denise was very friendly and made it very special for us.
A disappointment
Tanya Hutton, South Africa - 28 October 2013
My wife and I stayed at Stillpoint Manor on the 26th of October 2013 in room 12 as a birthday treat for me. We were initially both excited to spend a night away from the kids but left a little disappointed after our experience. Bearing in mind that the lodge boasts a 4 star rating, we were disappointed with the following: - On arrival at the gate I was asked by the security guard whether I had a pen on me so that I could sign my wife and I in as he did not have one himself. Petty, but not really how you would like to be welcomed at a 4 star establishment. - Our room, #12, behind the pool, had an outside patio/garden with a table and chairs. Quite nice initially, until I realised that the outside door leading off the patio opened up directly and looked straight into the back of the pool bar! This immediately erased all thoughts of us having a "romantic" dinner outside. I tried to close the door but the frame had warped such that one could not close it in the door frame. When I mentioned this to Denise I was told that she "doesn't get out here much" to have noticed the door; - I then tried to run the bath. At a good guess I reckon that it would have taken close to half an hour to have filled the bath in order to enjoy it fully. The water pressure was that low. Some small touches that I would have expected but were missing were the lack of bubble bath and candles (there were candle holders but these were empty). On the website there is a really nice picture of a bath lit with candles and filled with bubbles. At least I managed to salvage the candles left over from the massage to recreate what I saw in the pictures; - The swimming pool looked nothing like the sparkling blue pool that I saw in the pictures on the internet. Instead the pool looked as if it hadn't been cleaned for days and was most uninviting to say the least; - Service levels were not great. Whilst watching the rugby I asked for some crisps only to be brought the crisps 50 mins into the game when I had to leave. At dinner we ordered two Cokes only to have to ask the waiter to follow-up on the Cokes 10 minutes later after forgetting about them (this bearing in mind that we were the only people in the restaurant). - Dinner was good and most probably the highlight of the evening. - On check out, my wife was told that she owed the full amount of for the weekend, this after having paid the full fee prior to arriving. This was explained and a revised statement generated, still with the incorrect amount showing as outstanding. When my wife queried this again she was told that the establishment does not check their bank statements that often and didn't know whether she had paid or not. Above are some of the points the we felt detracted from making our evening out a truly special and memorable one. These may all be little things but when compounded forces one to concentrate more on the negative experiences than the positive ones. Maybe we just chose the wrong weekend to stay over at the lodge, but I would definitely not rush beck there in a hurry. With the choices available out and around Gauteng I would rather spend my time and money somewhere else.
Special stay
Martin van der Merwe, South Africa - 10 October 2013
We were surprised by our experience of the peace and quiet at this establishment, as it is very centrally situated. We were treated professionally by all staff at all times. The restaurant provided excellent breakfasts and dinners. We were celebrating our wedding anniversary, and were particularly impressed by the attention to detail by the staff at Stillpoint. We left, feeling we had made friends, and that we had spent much longer than just the two days we were pampered. We look forward to another visit soon.
Great rooms
Michele Combrinck, South Africa - 02 September 2013
Friendly staff, great rooms.
Excellent experience
toni sanyaman, South Africa - 07 August 2013
Spent one night, the room was beautifully prepared for us, we loved it to bits. The dinner & breakfast were great, very personalised service. Absolutely, nothing to complain about.
Romantic getaway
Ansa Kotze, South Africa - 04 August 2013
What a lovely weekend. All of the staff were great and took great care of us in every possible way. Will definitely be going there again.
Wonderful break away
Shruti Arunkumar, South Africa - 22 July 2013
We spent 2 nights at Stillpoint Manor to celebrate our anniversary. We had a wonderful experience with friendly and attentive staff, delicious home cooked meals and beautiful rooms. Not much to do on the premises so it is ideal to just kick back and relax with a good book or good company.
zane alexander, South Africa - 15 July 2013
I would just like to say thanks to Stillpoint and their staff for the lovey stay. It was an amazing experience and my wife loved the surprise. It was our babymoon and was perfect. Thanks again for the friendly service and the attention to detail display.
Very nice
steve finch, South Africa - 08 July 2013
Very impressed with Stillpoint, the rooms, staff, service and food are all very very good.
martin havenga, South Africa - 27 May 2013
Thank you for making this one of the most romantic and special evenings of my life. With a private dinner, massages and great food. Everything was just perfect.
Excellent experience!
Margaret Steyn, South Africa - 29 January 2013
We enjoyed every second at Stillpoint. The staff are friendly helpful and made us feel at home the moment we arrived there. Osman and Lerato a job done excellently The owners (the Edwards)also made such and effort to make us feel pampered and comfortable. A huge thank you to everybody there we had an awesome time!!
Sonya Sarris, South Africa - 30 April 2012
Had a lovely time at Stillpoint Country Manor, the staff were friendly and attentive. They made my husband's birthday feel very special, especially the Private Dinner that they organised. It was amazing.
Just perfect
thapelo Letsoalo, South Africa - 02 April 2012
We had the best time ever! It is very private with friendly staff, great food and they went all out to make sure that our anniversary was perfect. The romantic dinner was out of this world. 'Big-up' to the chef! We will recommend this venue to anyone that needs to rekindle their romance!
Thank you
Christine Fick, South Africa - 20 June 2011
My boyfriend and I spent Friday night at StillPoint. We wanted to get away for a night and didn't want to travel far. I checked the net and found StillPoint and I will never regret the decision we made to go there. It was one of the best nights we have had in a very long time. Talk about relaxation. The room we were in was lovely and everything you could want was there. It was a quick escape from reality and a break from our every day stressful lifestyle. We will definitely recommend StillPoint to all our friends and we will be going back there. The staff was so friendly and helpful and tried to make our experience all the better. The food was great and the kitchen staff were also very friendly.

Stillpoint Country Manor
This intimate owner-run boutique hotel lies in the serene country setting of Chartwell. A mere 15 minutes from Lanseria Airport and 20 minutes from Sandton CBD, this hidden gem offers a country feel within minutes from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Set amidst hundreds of indigenous trees, the hotel offers exclusivity, peace and tranquillity for both the corporate and leisure traveller.

The bedrooms are spacious and luxurious, each with a private courtyard garden or patio overlooking the lush gardens. On offer are 16 Standard Luxury Rooms, 2 Deluxe Rooms and 2 Suites, each with an en-suite bathroom and luxury amenities.

Meetings and conferencing are dealt with in a swift and professional manner offering our upmarket boardroom for smaller meetings, one of our three conference venues seating up to 40 people, or our larger venue seating up to 120 guests.

Dining options vary from our Rustic Fig Restaurant offering country style fine dining, to leisurely lunches at the poolside or Romantic private Dinners in the privacy of your own room Courtyard or patio. Private functions are catered for in various venues either inside or under the trees or stars.

Celebrating special moments is effortless at Stillpoint. From a romantic wedding, a spectacular corporate function, to an intimate boma dinner, no matter what the special occasion, our professional team will make your dreams come true.

So whether you are looking for a professional meeting place, a perfect wedding venue or just to getaway for a romantic weekend, we look forward to welcoming you and spoiling you at Stillpoint.

Where guests become friends - go on and spoil yourself.



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