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At home with Hemingway
I hunted here the beginning of March 2014 and loved this place. When my husband and I walked into the room, I felt like I had entered a Hemingway novel with the animal skin on the floor and the leather chairs. The plains game was plentiful (I shot 6 animals in 3 days); the people were friendly and attentive; and the food was great!! Adam knew where to find the animals I wanted and even made arrangements for me to go to other areas in order to increase my selection and hunting experience. He had good plans for tracking and obtaining the animals I requested. He also made sure I obtained...
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Gayle Rumble

Big, big boulders
What an amazing and unusual little spot. It is characterized by big boulders surrounded by desert. A film was shot in this area and some game has been introduced into the park, which is now run by the local inhabitants that also look after a camp in the reserve. It is very well run, and there has been a lot of attention to detail! No water is available in this area so bring your own, or expect to buy some from the locals by the liter!
Claudette Moore
South Africa