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African Switzerland
100% Mbabane is clean and very nice people.Easy to move around nothing negative all good.Recommended
Luis Barradas

Peaceful, clean and friendly people
Mbabane is a very warm, peaceful and exceptionally clean city, even after the new years eve celebrations.. The locals are helpful and very friendly. The different attractions spread across the country is very easy to reach, with adequate signage. Roads are well maintained, Coming from S.A we were amazed that there we could not see any squater camps but rather found neat little homes tucked along the mountains, border crossing from Golela/Lavumisa was easy and we had no hassles. Mbabane has been a wonderful destination for me and my family. There is something for every age group to be found...
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Nazreen Rasool rasool
South Africa

Highlands View
Suburb of Mbabane

Beautiful place
It's a lovely place. I remember it from my childhood days when my parents were working in Mbabane and we were living at Mobeni Flats right across the valley from Highlands View. I really longed to see it closer but never got the opportunity. I'm glad I finally did. It really is a lovely place.
Phumzile Mavundla
South Africa

Unbelievable Place
Mbabane is a great place to visit. Wait let me rephrase that, Mbabane and Swaziland is a great place to visit. The people are extremely friendly and helpful. I was there on a business trip and was unsure about where the high court was in Mbabane and asked a local policeman and they escorted me all the way to the court. I can''t fault Swaziland for anything and I would recommend Mbabane as a great destination to anyone who would like to explore a wonderful country like Swaziland. looking forward to going back again soon.
Paul Gioio
South Africa

Liking of Mbabane
Oh, i did like Mbabane on my visit, what a lovely place to stay, work and visit frequentlya nice atmosphere, cool shopping malls and to spice it all i can still use my south african rands with same value there
Steve Mabelane
South Africa

Mbabane - a lesson for RSA
In the first, second and third place: the friendly people of Swaziland!! We felt safe and never was harrassed by merchants, beggars or car watchers. It is a poor country, but the people keep it clean and are proud of their nation.So much to do and to see in Mbabane: two of the best and most scenic golf courses in Southern Africa; the flea market, candle factory, Ngwenya glass, restaurants with a difference, nature - game reserves, waterfalls etc. When visiting Swaziland, do not expect more than a third world African country ..... and you will be pleasantly surprised!Why move to Australia when...
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Chris Jacobs
South Africa

Suburb of Mbabane

Lovely place
We loved the city in the middle of nature. It was unbelievably clean and the people where very friendly. We felt very safe and enjoyed our time there.
Emmse Burger
South Africa

A stopover when travelling north
The town is a useful overnight stop on your way north, but the city itself was a mixture of smart modern buildings and dilapidated or incomplete buildings. The people are very cheerful and friendly.
Brenda Weir
South Africa

A very laid back place of relaxation. No fear walking in the streets. You can just climb up the mountains and thank God for such a beautiful country.
Mbali Dlamini
South Africa