The province of KwaZulu-Natal is a strong argument both for and against political correctness. The northern part of the province has traditionally been called Zululand or - in Zulu - KwaZulu, and the rest of the province was called Natal in the colonial era.

After 1910 Zululand was simply incorporated into Natal. Then, during the apartheid era, parts of Natal were portioned off as the nominally independent homeland of KwaZulu. So - in 1994, when the homelands were done away with, the whole province reverted to the composite name of KwaZulu-Natal.

Now either of those names is pretty easy to handle on its own, but KwaZulu-Natal is a bit of a mouthful - and try typing it!!! That's why we're going to use the acronym KZN from now on.

There is so much to do in this immense - and immensely diverse - province. The coast is a sub-tropical paradise with lovely long beaches, warm water, tangled green vegetation, awesome surfing and great diving. The major coastal holiday areas - especially for families - are the North Coast and South Coast. The South Coast is the most northerly extent of the annual Sardine Run and, further north, the beaches of Maputaland are home to nesting turtles that can be seen on guided night walks.

There are dozens of world class golf courses mainly, but not exclusively, along the coast. There are horse trails through the bush and the battlefields, in the mountains, along the beaches and skirting the wetlands, as well as a whole host of other adventure activities. KZN is renowned as a game viewing destination and the birding is fantastic. You can choose between staying in a luxury lodge on a private game reserve or chilling out in one of the KZN Wildlife parks. Perhaps even do a wilderness walking safari - you get to walk through the wildest parts of the reserve, trying to avoid lions and such-like while hoping for a good (but safe) sighting of rhinos, elephants and other game.

The Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve, near the small town of Hluhluwe, has the highest concentration of rhinos in Africa. If you're reading this and planning a raid to stock up some far eastern pharmacies and boost your bank balance - think again. How do you think the population got to that size? Game guards are armed and seriously protective of the precious wildlife in their care.

There is a range of cultural attractions. As well as the many Zulu cultural villages, contemporary tours and historical battlefields, KZN is also home to the largest Indian population outside of India - a fact which has left its mark on the landscape, the food and the culture of this vibrant province. Great curry restaurants, markets selling spices and other exotic goods, and ornate temples and mosques all attest to the influence these dynamic people have had on the development of city of Durban, but also further afield in the province.

The Midlands, situated roughly between Durban and Pietermaritzburg, is characterised by rolling green hills, flowers, pockets of forest and characterful small villages. It's a joy to explore with its many restaurants, coffee shops, pretty guest houses, innovative craft outlets, micro breweries, cheese factories, trout farms and other bucolic pleasures.

The Ukhahlamba-Drakensberg is a vast wilderness mountain area that divides the lush, low-lying eastern coastal plain from the harsher and higher-lying interior. The Berg, as it is fondly known, is a hiker's paradise and a great pony trekking destination. Other attractions include small game, birding, flowers, fabulous scenery, fly fishing, golf and fantastic rock art. The fact that the Ukhahlamba-Drakensberg is one of South Africa's world heritage sites should give you an idea of the ecological and recreational value of this enormous mountain range. Another equally impressive world heritage site, also in KZN, is the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park, which conserves a spectacularly wide range of biomes, including wetlands, dunes, swamp and coastal forests, rocky and sandy shores, coral reefs and submarine canyons.

Note: If you are planning to travel to the northern parts of KwaZulu-Natal please be aware that this region is malarial. Consult your doctor or travel clinic for advice and refer to our article on malaria.

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The Famous or infamous Battle of Spion Kop
Kwa Zulu Natal- South Africa - a province of excitement and mystery, where the past meets the present in a destination of astonishing natural beauty-a melting pot of traditional and western culture and Battlefields in abundance.From the ashes of the tragedy of the South African War of 1899-1902, fought between the people of South Africa and Britain and the allied men from Canada, Australia and New Zealand, who joined this war, the first time that troops from overseas fought under their national banner.The Boers (The Citizen’s Army), whose tactics and weaponry were the accepted view of warfare,...
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Lynette Heron
South Africa

Port Edward Port Edward
Town of Hibiscus Coast

Port Edward
Port Edward has all the necessary daily shopping requirements with two large supermarkets, bottle stores, garages, post office and a variety of other shops and restaurants. The swimming beach is protected and one of the best on the KwaZulu-Natal coast and there are excellent fishing spots. The Lighthouse is active and forms part of the South African Adventure Tours Organization (SALATO). The 86 steps up the lighthouse (7 stories) brings you the reward of, without doubt, the best view of the coast on the coast. The whale, dolphin and sardine run views are amongst the best in the country. There...
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Henk Van Rensburg
South Africa

Uvongo Uvongo
Suburb of Margate

Uvongo, the tourists centre
Uvongo is a small sea side town wedged between Margate and Shelly Beach on the Lower South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. This area is known as The Paradise of the Zulu Kingdom, and it is easy to understand why.As a beach holiday destination, Uvongo offers a beautiful beach with a 23 m high waterfall within 200 m of the beach, and a stunning lagoon. The swimmer has a choice of the sea, lagoon or tidal pool and all within 300 m of each other. The beach has life guards ensuring safe bathing, a grassed picnic area, kiddies paddling pool, a restaurant with magnificent sea views to accompany...
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Dave Mutch
South Africa

Munster Munster
Suburb of Port Edward

Developers have ravished many of the seaside resorts of the KwaZulu-Natal coast, but here in the south there are still large areas of lush sub-tropical growth and tranquility. Munster is one of those places. The village lies 10km north of the Umtamvuna River - boundary of the Eastern Cape, and some 20km south of Margate.Turning into Munster off the R61 you are instantly back in a greener, more laid-back era, where a forested archway avenue leads to a quiet village of ancient Red Coastal Milkwoods, palms, ferns, climbers, creepers, banana trees and colourful crotons. Stop in the vicinity of...
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Margie Ayres
South Africa

Margate Margate
Town of Hibiscus Coast

Perfect for Beach-Bashing Holidays
Margate in KZN (KwaZulu-Natal), lies along the Hibiscus Coast or the Golf Coast. It is perfect for an unhurried, unworried, sun-soaked, beach-bashing holiday. The many beaches are flanked by the ever-warm Indian Ocean and attract surfers, divers, fishermen and sunbathers likewise.Also known as the Golf Coast, it's a golfer's paradise, with seven top 18-hole golf courses at your fingertips. Go hiking, deep-sea fishing, diving, angling, whale-, dolphin- or bird-watching, river rafting, abseiling, riding, play tennis or golf or try a microlite or light plane flip! Enjoy the nature and the abundan...
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Paris Fitches
South Africa

The Bluff
The headland known simply as “the Bluff” – a thick green belt that has a strong attraction for those who steer clear of the built-up beachside areas of Durban, Amanzimtoti and even Umhlanga Rocks - is a collection of suburbs that cover the stretch from the military base in the north of the Bluff to Treasure Beach in the south. The Bluff also forms the gateway to the South Coast with its many seaside resorts and other attractions.The Bluff offers stretches of unspoilt beaches with dunes, rock pools, plus favourite fishing, diving and surfing spots that provide sport and recreation for the adven...
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Erica Schlebusch
South Africa

Umdloti Beach Umdloti Beach
Suburb of Durban North

the beach was wow
I enjoyed swimming walking at the beach in the morning listen to the sound of the sea
khanyisa mabyalane
South Africa

San Lameer San Lameer
Suburb of Southbroom

A great place to relax and unwind. The estate is well looked after and very secure.
Charne Macklin
South Africa

Selection Beach Selection Beach
Suburb of Umdloti Beach

Stunning beach
The beach was clean and the water was crystal clean. We had gorgeous weather, very little wind - fantastic for families as well as the surfers.
Allison Mac Devette
South Africa

Winklespruit Winklespruit
Suburb of Kingsburgh

Lovely beach
Lovely beach area and close to lots of facilities.
Vicky Liggins
South Africa

Umhlanga Umhlanga
Town of Durban North

Holiday Umhlanga
Very nice village plenty of Restaurants some good some bad. But nice area to walk around and some nice shops.
irene hanton
Republic of Ireland

Sodwana Bay Sodwana Bay
Town of Zululand

The prices charged at the gate to the beach is ridiculous. We could not afford to go to the beach because if we would have gone to the beach every day we would have spend over a R1000. (R199 for 4 people and car) There are more charges at every corner, such as having to pay to go to Corel Divers and still having to negotiate car park attendants.
Tilo von Brandis
South Africa

Pennington Pennington
Town of South Coast

Chilled quaint village
Awesome local pub and diner with exceptional food
Gavin McNish
South Africa

Selection Beach Selection Beach
Suburb of Umdloti Beach

very close to Umdloiti
Very nice place, small town, but great holiday destination
Lientjie Jansen van Rensburg
South Africa

Umhlanga Rocks Umhlanga Rocks
Suburb of Umhlanga

One of Tht Best destinations KZN has to offer
THE BEST part of the KZN North Coast!!! I have been visiting Umhlanga Rocks since i was 5 yrs old; and i still LOVE this gem of a town!!!
Nyasha Kavhumbura

Mount Edgecombe Mount Edgecombe
Suburb of Durban North

Very Imperial
Lovely scenic paths, quiet and very well looked after, secured and protected. Well run, in close proximity to almost everything.
Maxine m
South Africa

Mount Edgecombe Mount Edgecombe
Suburb of Durban North

Very Imperial
Lovely scenic paths, quiet and very well looked after, secured and protected. Well run, in close proximity to almost everything
Maxine m
South Africa

Currys Post Currys Post
Town of Natal Midlands

Currys Post in General
An excellent destination for a few days, far from the city but still plenty to do and see. Traffic is easy and the people are friendly.
Theo Bailey
South Africa

Mtunzini Mtunzini
Town of North Coast (Dolphin)

About Mtunzini
Mtunzini has untapped potential as a destination.Beach and birding are superb, as is local accommodation.Sampled some local fare, which was tasty and spaces were enjoyable - Fat Cat and Clay Oven.We hope to be back for the Birding Weekend of the Mtunzini Conservancy in June.
irene Reid
South Africa

Shakas Rock Shakas Rock
Town of Ballito

Love the beach, restaurants and people! Great holiday destination!
Michelle Graham
South Africa