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Graskop Self-catering in Graskop
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Graskop is the closest town to the Blyde River Canyon and Bourke’s Luck Potholes, so it’s a convenient place to stop for lunch on the Panorama Route. Well, it is convenient but it’s more convenient if you decide to have lunch at any time other than lunchtime, which is when... Read more

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Breathtaking, beautiful, Refreshing! - Breathtaking, beautiful, Refreshing!

Kamogelo Soodie
South Africa

Scenic Beauty - Breathtaking, exorbitant scenic beauty.

Jeevan J
South Africa

Most beautiful place I have ever seen - Graskop, specifically the wonders of the Panorama is a definite must see for any person. The R532 is a stretch of road that extends from Sabie pass Graskop that features the most beautiful displays of nature that one can ever see. Graskop is central to all the tourist attractions of the Panorama route and is ideal for anyone seeking to experience the wonders of Mpumalanga. This area is truly "God's Playground" as it features the most beautiful waterfalls, Bourke Potholes (breathtaking), Gods Window, Wonder View (Amazing scenery), the Pinnacle rock, three Rondavels, Blyde Canyon, and Echo Caves. It's amazing how all these breathtaking views feature in one area...

Florence Mahloana
South Africa

Wow! - What a place! This is God's best creation. If one is looking for peace, Graskop is the place for it.

Mosala Lazarus
South Africa

Nature - Graskop is a really beautiful place. It is a great place for one to get in touch with nature. The only problem I had was with the roads. I just wish all the potholes could be fixed.

Tshireletso Matshitse
South Africa
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Things to do near Graskop

  • Three Rondawels Three Rondawels

    Popular Attraction in

    3 Reviews
    The Three Rondawels are also known as 'The Chief and his Three Wives'. The flat-topped peak to the right...
  • Lisbon Falls Lisbon Falls

    8.0km from Graskop

    4 Reviews
    At 92 m, the Lisbon Falls are the highest in Mpumalanga. The river separates into three streams as it...
  • Africa Silks Farm Africa Silks Farm

    Popular Attraction
    16.7km from Graskop

    1 Review
    Visit an active silk farm and be amazed by the silk making process at this unique African development...
  • God's Window God's Window

    Popular Attraction
    1.5km from Graskop

    1 Review
    This is the spot where everyone takes their shots. Serious shutterbugs will be reaching for their...
  • Sabie Forestry Museum Sabie Forestry Museum

    Theatre, Gallery or Museum
    19.8km from Graskop

    1 Review
    Sabie is surrounded by one of the largest man-made forests in the world. Forestry first began in the...
  • Berlin Falls Berlin Falls

    10.3km from Graskop

    Berlin Falls is located in the Blyde River Canyon area on the Panorama route in Mpumalanga. Shaped in...
  • Gold Panning Pilgrim's Rest Gold Panning Pilgrim's Rest

    Popular Attraction
    10.9km from Graskop

    Pan for real gold in the Pilgrim’s Creek just like the diggers did in the 1870’s. An exciting activity...
  • Trout and About Trout Farm Trout and About Trout Farm

    Popular Attraction
    19.8km from Graskop

    For the avid fishermen out there this is an ideal place to go and practice the art of trout fishing....
  • St Peters Church St Peters Church

    Popular Attraction
    19.8km from Graskop

    Sir Herbert Baker designed this quaint little church situated in the heart of Sabie. The building began...
  • Sabie River Adventures Sabie River Adventures

    Popular Attraction
    19.8km from Graskop

    For the more adventurous, Sabie offers a number of exciting activities. The Sabie River provides the...
  • White Water Tubing Sabie White Water Tubing Sabie

    Popular Attraction
    19.8km from Graskop

    For the adrenaline junkies out there, the upper Sabie River provides the ideal place for White Water...
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Graskop Restaurants

  • Canimambo Restaurant Graskop Canimambo Restaurant Graskop

    Portuguese Restaurant in

    3 Reviews
    Specialising in Portuguese and South African cuisine, this family run establishment secures an intimate...
  • Canimambo Restaurant Canimambo Restaurant

    Portuguese Restaurant in

    1 Review
    Great Portuguese and Mozambican fare can be enjoyed here. Traditional recipes using the freshest...
  • Autumn Breath Autumn Breath

    Light Meals Restaurant
    95.1km from Graskop

    Housed in the Autumn Guest House, Autumn Breath bistro and coffee shop relaxes the palate with tasty...
  • Loco Pub & Coachman Grill Loco Pub & Coachman Grill

    Fine Dining Restaurant in

    This family restaurant, opened in 1914, offers a relaxed and comfortable family dining experience. The...
  • Rosenkavalier Restaurant Rosenkavalier Restaurant

    European Restaurant
    1.3km from Graskop

    Rosenkavalier Restaurant can be found in the Flycatcher Castle; a grand and elegant setting perched on...
  • Digger's Den Digger's Den

    South African Restaurant
    10.2km from Graskop

    Digger's Den is a relaxed, laid-back restaurant in the Royal Hotel in Pilgrim's Rest. Hearty,...
  • Mount Sheba Hotel Mount Sheba Hotel

    Contemporary Restaurant
    14.6km from Graskop

    Noted as Mpumalanga’s best-kept secret, this beautiful hotels perched on the edge of the escarpment...
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Top Destinations near Graskop

  • Panorama Route Panorama Route

    8.7km from Graskop

    231 Reviews
  • Graskop Graskop


    69 Reviews
    Graskop is the closest town to the Blyde River Canyon and Bourke’s Luck Potholes,...
  • Sabie Sabie

    19.5km from Graskop

    36 Reviews
    The small town of Sabie is right on Mpumalanga’s Panorama Route, which means it’s...
  • White River White River

    47.4km from Graskop

    16 Reviews
    White River has just sufficient altitude to escape the nasty old anopheles...
  • Lydenburg Lydenburg

    43.2km from Graskop

    9 Reviews
  • Blyde River Canyon Blyde River Canyon

    41.2km from Graskop

    4 Reviews
    Situated along the Mpumalanga Drakensberg escarpment, the reserve covers a large area extending from the...
  • Pilgrims Rest Pilgrims Rest

    9.5km from Graskop

    3 Reviews
    The beautiful, peaceful Pilgrim's Rest is situated in the Mpumalanga province in South Africa. The area...
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