Nice and friendly reception Although we arrived late we were very friendly and got a very nice camp site!
Frank Simon 21 May 2019

Super special time! Loved the campsite - one of the best we've been to. Loved the walks and all the unusual accommodation (Kannidood was incredible)! Super special time!!! Would have been good if staff had remembered to restock toilet paper in bathroom and also remembered to give us the info file on arrival, but they were all SO friendly that all is forgiven!
Kerryn Haselau 14 August 2017

True Sanctuary If you need a good rest, mind clearing experience, away from it all, without any bells and whistles, visit Thabaphaswa
Arrie Wybenga, South Africa 28 November 2016

Peace and quiet!!

If you are looking to break away from everything this is the place to be.  We were so relaxed and enjoyed every minute that we were there. 

I would definitely recommend this place to all my friends and family.  This will definitely not be our first nor last visit and we plan to come back and visit very soon.

I loved the “bos” shower - something to experience.

Can’t wait to come back!!!


Lenay Slippers, South Africa 18 April 2016

Puik boskamp, wat ek al 'n ruk lank op soek is. Baie ruimte, en ver van die bure. Sal weer draai maak. Dankie
Dirk Postma, South Africa 11 July 2014