We all gasped Leolapa was a great start to a month in Kruger. We all gasped as the spaciousness of the house, the garden and pool, and the proximity of the Crocodile River sank in. It didn't take much to suffer four days here! We had zero problems with the running of the house, and I imagine that anything wrong would have been dealt with by the daily staff. The kitchen was well thought out and well equipped. The deck/terrace/patio - call it what you will - was perfect and we had little trouble filling a day there, binos in hand, looking for birds and animals. Who is to say what you see, but our highlight was to have a herd of elephants cross right in front and to graze alongside the fence. We just had to get into the pool and watch from there, ticking a cliche photo opportunity. We had two game drives into the Mjejane reserve which were perfect for our first-timer. Again, who is to say what you'll see. We were a bit light on the variety, but that didn't matter with four weeks ahead of us. We did pop up to the Mjejane Lodge a couple of times to eat, and it did us well. It's worth going just to see how much more perfect the setting of Leolapa is!
Ross Wallace 12 October 2019

Heaven! Heaven!!!! This place is not to beat!!! So riverview is amazing and the safari's you can book are great! I will go again there!!!! Price to quality is perfect!! The house is huge and the staff is great!
Michiel 31 January 2018