Awesome experience we had. One first night felt like we lost in middle of nowhere, but when night progress I woke up and look outside the darkness has covered everywhere, peace of the night listening to animals, quiet of thought. I personal fell in love with the change I was experiencing. Peace filled my heart with joy. Warm welcome by Wales. It was excellent experience. We love the place. Thank you.
Dan & Musa 09 August 2019

Thank you Allan for a spectacular cabin, and your warm welcome once again. Enjoyed the hiking trail and absolute tranquility.
Hannes & Natanya 05 August 2019

Awesome experience! Wonderful & warm welcome. Extra-ordinary atmosphere. Hiking trail out of this world. Thank you Allan, Wales and Brenda for your hospitality & friendliness. Awesome. We really enjoyed our stay.
J & J 02 August 2019

Thank you for the warm hospitality. The cottage is the best for a well-deserved get-away. Kind regards.
Tina and Pallo 14 July 2019