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Lallie Lightfoot, South Africa - 07 February 2017
Peacefull and very educated
Lots of nothing
Rob McClarty, South Africa - 29 August 2016
Yes lots of nothing,,
its was great to arrive and not have the bushel of every day,
the chalets where nice and clean and staff very informative
Julia was a bit of a little problem which made enjoying the outdoors a little hard
Over all a great break
Theresa White, South Africa - 08 June 2016
Thank you for a great experience and relaxing breakaway from the busy city life. We really had such a nice time interacting with the monkeys and learning more about them whilst enjoying the best of nature! All our needs were catered for, and the staff was super friendly! We can't wait to visit Bambelela again!
Kgotso Maphanga, South Africa - 07 September 2015
My stay for 2 nights at Bambelela was very much enjoyable and educational, Their staff is well trained and fully equiped to make one understand the dangers and the hurt we as human beings impose on God's creation. I know have a different perspective when it comes to wild life. My only problem is that they only have 1 receiver for cellphones which somehow I feel it puts everyone around the establishment in danger in case of emergency for one has to go to a certain spot to gain coverage and that is if you are only using MTN , during my stay on Saturday their phone line was down also hence my concern.
Besides that the establishment is breath taking and relaxing.
Melany Port, South Africa - 04 May 2015
We had a really wonderful experience at Bambelela. The hospitality was amazing, from the housekeeping staff coming to help light our gas stove to the accommodating personnel on the guest farm catering to our every request. The tour of the facilities by Sue was so informative and the interaction with the little monkeys and Phillipa was a highlight. Simply a delightful, relaxing weekend.

Old and worn out
refiloe lepee, South Africa - 28 October 2013
The Farm is too expensive for the old worn out chalets. The furniture is old and uncomfortable. The appliances are breaking apart. The staff is friendly.
Awesome break away
Nico Potgieter, South Africa - 07 October 2013
Was very peaceful and relaxing. Good clean place to visit any time again.
Best place to break away from the rush
santie schwab, South Africa - 30 July 2013
Wow it was peaceful, educational and relaxing. The staff is super friendly and the accommodation was perfect. We really enjoyed getting away from everything and a specially the fact that there is no cellphone coverage. We will return for sure.
Fabulous experience
Irene Rome, South Africa - 16 July 2013
A unique experience with wildlife - up close and personal. Highly recommended.
Very relaxing
Andre Van Greunen, South Africa - 07 May 2013
Very informative guided tour which will open anyones eyes. Doing great work and keep up the good work. Very relaxing breakaway and will recommend to friends and family.
Lovely experience
kalie naidoo, South Africa - 02 May 2013
Lovely experience, to get to know the vervet monkeys and the serenity of the surroundings. Children loved it! Community very welcoming. Chalets are comfortable.
Filomena Snyman, South Africa - 24 March 2013
I learnt a great deal about these primates in the short while we were there. Fantanstic work thhey are doing. So mich dedication and love is given to these incredible animals. It's good to know that there is such a loving sanctuary for these animals to go to. Enjoyed my stay very much.
Small haven in South Africa
Neo Mokatsanyane, South Africa - 20 March 2013
A beautiful tranquil haven, perfect absolutely great.
Tim Yagan, South Africa - 21 January 2013
As always Silke and the team do not disappoint! This was our first opportunity interacting with both vervet pinkfaces and a baboon pinkface, and it was an amazing experience. We only wish that we had more time to stay and play.
Sizakele Gumede, South Africa - 25 September 2012
It's a cosy farmstyle feel if you are tired of the cities buzz, however its a bit of a challenge to reach.
Amazing time
Thomas Baloyi, South Africa - 18 September 2012
Wow. We had such an amazing time! Thank you for your hospitality and rest assured, we will be back as soon as possible!
Lovely experience
Sanet Benade, South Africa - 03 September 2012
A snug wildlife conservation area with a few very special animals and great interaction. They are doing great work and the stay is in immaculate very well equipped chalets. Truly a lovely experience.
Thank you
lynette crouwkamp, South Africa - 21 February 2012
I would like to thank everybody at the Bambelela. We spent a couple of days in Bambelela, and what a treat! Everybody at the Bambelela contributed to our stay being of the best standards of satisfaction, with all staff being very friendly and helpful. I just want to say, well done to all staff at Bambelela, you all where great! I look forwards to my next stay at Bambelela. Keep up the good work.
dermot fitzgerald, South Africa - 14 November 2011
Relaxing visit. Enjoyed the monkeys, hugging a Kudu (weird animal) and the happy hour was amazing. Accommodation quite good, the weather was very hot and a better fan is needed in the bedroom. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, the tour was enjoyable. Well worth a visit.
Lovely place
Susan Schlicher, United Kingdom - 23 May 2011
A unique experience being able to get up close and personal with vervet monkeys. Staff very knowledgeable and dedicated to the care of orphaned and displaced monkeys and other animals. For animal lovers, a great stopover destination.
Amazing experience
Tilly Brouwer, South Africa - 03 January 2011
A most amazing experience! Great project and most inspiring to see the dedication and utmost committment of all that are involved in the project. Hospitality is superb and will not easily be found elsewhere! Thank you for a wonderful time spent at Bambelela Wildlife Care & Guest Farm.
Excellent stay
Johan Barnard, South Africa - 24 December 2010
This is a truly peaceful environment. The work these guys do with the monkeys is amazing. The wildlife tour is very good with a nice variety. We especially loved Sussie the Kudu and Zack the Capuchin Monkey! The rooms were very nice and well equipped. The cleaning twice a day was a bonus and helped us to rest more :) I will definitely come visit again!
Bambelela Wildlife Guesthouse
Patricia Mather, South Africa - 13 September 2010
I have looked forward to visiting this facility for a long time and was not disappointed. The work being done by Silke and the team is amazing. The accommodation is spacious and comfortable, the electric blanket was a bonus, but it is the animal interaction that was to me most important. We booked into the self catering chalet but preferred to have our meals with the team, meeting the trainee field guides and volunteers from oversees to hear their stories. The animals we met : vervet monkeys, kudu, porcipine, mongoose, otter, every one has its own story, plus all the domestic animals who roam free. Perfect place for families - the children will love it - do book the tour and be there for bed time for the baby monkeys, nappy, bottle, the whole deal. Silke will shortly be releasing back into the wild a large group of Vervet Monkeys and I wish them well with this project and keep up the good work.
Our stay
Liesbeth Roberts, South Africa - 23 August 2010
Breathtaking view of the Kloof. Never thought we would be able to touch a kudu. The children and I thoroughly enjoyed the play in the kindergarten.
Bambelela Wildlife Care & Guest Farm
Bryn Pooley, South Africa - 26 July 2010
Lovely little place, great facilities, an adventure for the kids. The people who own and run this establishment have their hearts in the right place, and I will be taking my kids back. They enjoyed it a lot.
Great Value for Money
Anonymous, South Africa - 25 July 2010
We stayed overnight for one night only. The accommodation was very comfortable and great value for money. The access road is bad, however. Go prepared for an adventure and you will have a great time. Leave the sports car at home!
Great Outing
Anonymous, South Africa - 31 May 2010
Bambelela was a relaxing experience for us. We got peace of mind away from the city lights and busy roads..... The sounds of nature where very peaceful, it was peaceful, especially in the morning. We are definitely going to recommend this place to our friends, we really had a lovely experience.
The place is fabulous.
Chwayita Sontundu, South Africa - 03 May 2010
Its a place to be, cool, calm, and warm welcome. Not to mention the environment, its like you are somewhere never been, lets say another world. Never knew we have such places in SA. Great place for couples and family as a whole, vibey and a place to detox all the stressful work and family time and be yourself and appreciate the nature. The Super Natural Place to be.
Thoroughly enjoyable stay
Anonymous, Austria - 15 March 2010
It was an enlightening experience and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay in the bush.
Keep up your good work!
Hugo Van Oostrum, South Africa - 19 January 2010
We enjoyed the holiday home where we stayed, but only learnt through experience that the lovely vervet monkeys can be a bit of a nuisance as well for the small children. It was great to have to opportunity to learn more about the monkeys, the history and planned future. Touch the little pink faces and meet sweet Sissie. Learn about the owls and all the other animals on the farm. The team is doing a great job and it is good to know that there are people on this planet that are concerned and take care of the animals, we admire the team! enjoyable was the big (salt water) pool, the short hike and just relaxing at the house.
It was a relaxing stay.
Anonymous, South Africa - 02 January 2010
The staff were friendly. My five year old grand daughter enjoyed the "nappy hour" very much. Sussie were also very entertaining to all.
Good for the soul.
Alena Archer, South Africa - 20 October 2009
Bambelela's setting is tranquil and the enthusiasm of their guides and volunteers is infectious. It's definitely a great place to recharge one's batteries.
Anonymous, South Africa - 01 September 2009
Will visit the farm again. Thanks
Really Nice
Kathy Park, South Africa - 19 June 2009
Our time spent at Bambelela was an eye opener as you do not know about the plight of the monkeys and the other animals until somebody like your staff inform us common people. Very well done.
It was a wonderful experience.
Albert Van Heerden, South Africa - 25 May 2009
The chalet was beautiful, and the staff was helpful and friendly. Chapie stole my heart, and we will see you soon.
We had a great long weekend
Janice Pinington, South Africa - 17 October 2008
My Brother & Wife & their 7 year old grand child with us plus my 12 year old niece.We had a great, relaxing time and the dedication of the staff and owner was wonderful. They are so dedicated to the animals it was a pleasure to share their life & animals.
Very good
Adele Boshoff, South Africa - 04 August 2008
We had a fantastic weekend en will go back again!
Fantastic Family weekend away
sarah van der walt, United Kingdom - 01 July 2008
We booked all 3 cottages for a family weekend away and had the most fantastic time. The accommodation was welcoming, very well presented and had everything you could need to make it a home from home. The cleanliness was to a very high standard and the grounds were well kept. The staff were extremely helpful and very informative not to mention patient as we had two toddlers with us. We were given plenty of privacy to enjoy our family time, always with the reassurance that if we needed anything at all we could very easily call on the intercom to request assistance.
Wiebke Schuchardt, South Africa - 24 June 2008
We had a great time at Bambelela. The kids enjoyed the Vervet Monkeys "Nappy hour" best. We will come back most certainly!
Our stay was fantastic.
Angelique E'Silva, South Africa - 23 June 2008
What an amazing experience! I will definitely be back in the near future. Being able to be so close to the animals was just super. I recommend it to anyone who loves animals and wants an unforgettable experience.
Anonymous, South Africa - 26 May 2008
Very relaxing, outdoor wildlife excellent. Rehab centre, wonderful. They are doing an excellent job there.
Ronel Hattingh, South Africa - 15 April 2008
Comfortable. Enjoyed the time-out experience. Thank you to Bambelela team for their energy and time.
An absolutely fantastic experience
Martyn and Sue Steele, South Africa - 06 April 2008
- where else can you be groomed by a baby vervet or hug a kudu. Thanks to everyone for a great, great time.
Rodney Potterton, South Africa - 10 March 2008
Place itself - Staff friendly and doing a great job, more interaction with animals could be a possibility for persons staying, hats off to Silki and staff for great work being done.
Harald Otterpohl, South Africa - 25 February 2008
One word...fantastic! We enjoyed it very much. Well recommended!
Very good
Jan van Hal, Netherlands - 10 January 2008
Enjoyed stay very much. Will probably return.
Alwyn De Bruin, South Africa - 07 January 2008
This was one of the most enjoyable holidays in ages. I would recommend Bambelele to everybody. They are doing a great job, will definitely see me in the future.
Enjoyable experience
Anonymous, South Africa - 02 January 2008
A very relaxing week-end. We enjoyed the privacy and the experience of the wildlife so close. The talk on the various rehabilitation programmes as well as the educational on the vervet monkeys was very informative.
Wynand Steyn, South Africa - 18 December 2007
Very good, we really enjoyed it a lot.
The hosts and staff were awesome
Fiona Brown, South Africa - 25 September 2007
This has to be one of our countrys best kept secrets. Please support their cause, it's a very worthy one indeed!!! Although dry as there have been no rains recently, the scenery is beautiful. The chalets are well equipped, neat, clean and comfortable. The hosts and staff were awesome (very well informed and know their stuff), helpful and friendly. The Ostrich and "Sessi" the kudu kept us entertained - both came to visit us often. We will definitely be going back again - soon!!
Really good weekend
Frank Richter, South Africa - 03 September 2007
We had a really good weekend, a lovely place to take children and the staff are doing fantastic work with rehabilitating the animals. Silka's talk on how essential the vervet monkey are to the environment was very enlightening.
Incredible Weekend had by all
Paul Gibhard, South Africa - 14 August 2007
What an incredible place. The staff and management were so accommodating and friendly. Nothing was too much to ask of them. They really made the children feel special. They loved the interaction with the animals. The tour was very interesting and educational and both children and adults learnt a lot. The accommodation is advertised as 4 star. I would rate it at 5 star. It was very comfortable furnished and beautifully decorated. A real home away from home. There is everything you need in the chalet. Thank you all for a truly wonderful experience. We will definitely be coming back. Thank you Silke, Rodney and all involved at Bambelela. We could not have asked for a better vacation.
vaughan louw, South Africa - 16 July 2007
An experience of a life time - no cellphone coverage. What a pleasure!!! Never to old to learn - so much wild life. You guys, Thank you for a 5 yes '5 star' stay. The interaction with all the animals, "Wow" there are no words. Recommendation no - ITS A MUST!! Keep up the fantastic work!!!
Peaceful bliss
paula De Lorenzo, South Africa - 02 July 2007
This is certainly for those seeking peace, and is the perfect place to de-stress. It was amazing not to be bothered by city noises and phones, and to be able to interact with the animals. The "tour" was both enjoyable and informative. I would have stayed a few extra days if I could.
Renee Dreyer, South Africa - 18 June 2007
Thank you to Rodney & Silke as well as the students. Our stay was peaceful and relaxing. Will definitely go back there again!
Felicia Smit, South Africa - 21 May 2007
Dit was 'n baie lekker naweek, ons het dit baie geniet, ons het uitgerus gevoel..... Totdat ons Maandag by die werk gekom het, volgende keer gaan ons langer bly. Dit is stil en rustig, baie dankie vir die gasvryheid.
Marieta Pretorius, South Africa - 22 March 2007
Wonderful weekend. We enjoyed the stay for the weekend so much that next time we definitely will stay longer. That was the best getaway in a long time.
Very good
Alicia Sparks, South Africa - 23 February 2007
Thanks so much - we had a lovely time and the accommodation and surroundings were very pleasant! We will return there in the forseeable future!
George Hepburn, South Africa - 29 January 2007
We have to say a very big thank you to Silke and Rodney. Our weekend was amazing and the peace and freedom that we had on the farm was just what we needed. I will be taking my whole family back for a visit very soon. Love the fact that you get to interact with so many animals. Thanx guys it was excellent
Johanna Sefara South Africa - 12 December 2006
The place is very beautiful, excellent stay, the hospitality we got from staff was excellent. Friendly cleaners and very kind, taking care of their visitors, we felt the spirit of Ubuntu and culture. The decor, furniture and the whole set up in the chalet is wonderful - keep it up. The chalets are beautifully designed. All in all our stay was excellent we really loved the place and enjoyed ourselves. We will be going there again soon. We have recommended it to our friends.
Trixie Orford, South Africa - 13 November 2006
A very inspiring and thought provoking weekend. Very well appointed accommodation and superb hosts Rodney & Silke. They went to a lot of trouble to explain animal behaviour, etc. to us. Truly enjoyable.
Such a wonderful breakaway
STEPHANIE BERRADA, South Africa - 07 November 2006
Very peaceful, warm place Staff always pleased to help and answer any question regarding wildlife we will come back with friends and discover more about this beautiful place
Ferosia Stols, South Africa - 18 September 2006
We really enjoyed the 2 day stay. The tour was very interersting . Just hope that Silke can get more sponsership for caring for the animals as she and the team are caring for the injured animals out of love.Will recommend stay to friends and family. Thank you.
Excellent Service
Mosetsana Mahlafunya, South Africa - 23 August 2006
We enjoyed our stay at Bambelela. Definitely a weekend to remember and worth talking about.
Wonderful weekend
antonella piccoli, South Africa - 13 June 2006
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay, it was very relaxing and very interesting. Silke and her husband are doing great work rehabilitating the animals. We enjoyed having breakfast with the kudu, and watching the zebras up close in the evening.
Quentin Siminya, South Africa - 27 February 2006
Probably the best Wildlife Care & Guest Farm in the country.
Nature's Best Treat As Defined By Bambelela
Nkopodi Nkopodi, South Africa - 09 November 2005
It was a wonderful experience that took me and my family away from the fast city life to one that puts one very close to nature. Sounds of birds and animals, freshness of unpolluted air, and detachment from fast, stressful city life etc, characterised the best experience one could wish for in life.
Engela Swart, South Africa - 18 October 2005
What a great place - absolutely amazing from day 1. Silke and her team really made the weekend wonderful. We did not need anything, we had it all there. They are doing a great job and we will definitely come back!
jacques Hugo, South Africa - 05 September 2005
The Units are fantastic (Clean. need, well decorated & everything you need is available) Will visit again.
anzel nagel, South Africa - 22 August 2005
What a wonderfull weekend we had! Away from the hectic city and into the quiet bushveld suroundings and valley of Bambelela. The staff is very friendly and very helpfull !! The chalets - more than you can wish for with everything that you might need! The interior design is gorgeous and you can see the personal touch in every room!! You feel at home from the first moment you arrive!! The animals - each with their own personality - are wonderfull!! this is the ideal break a way if you would like to RELAX! no traffic just animal noises!! I will recomend this place to any one at any time!!

Bambelela Wildlife Care & Guest Farm
This non-profit, privately funded wildlife care and guest farm offers luxurious chalets which will reflect a true African atmosphere in the beautiful valley of the malaria-free Waterberg.

On our two-hour guided wildlife tour you'll get the chance to come close to orphaned antelopes, raptors, predators and other mammals that are hand-raised by us. A guided bush walk with a NQF4 Accredited Field Guide and our very tame kudu cow Sessi is a must. Other activities include hiking, swimming and birdwatching. After a long day of game viewing, you can relax in a sauna or by our fully stocked pool bar.

Our establishment is perfect for honeymooners. The seclusion and privacy will serve to make this holiday even more special. You will be welcomed with champagne, candles, love songs and everything romantic.

Airport transfers are available on request. Although cellphone coverage is intermittent, we do offer an Internet hotspot on the farm.



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