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SALT and Sterland
The tour at SALT a little disorganized however the guide was informative. Private night gazing with Jeug at his caravan / camp site Sterland a km outside Sutherland amazing! Dress warmly as very cold
Shiralee Swan
South Africa

Sutherland - clearest skies in the country
Sutherland is a must for anyone that needs to get away for a weekend from the hustle & bustle of city life and enjoy some real peace & quiet. The skies are the clearest I've ever seen and the peace and serenity is unequaled anywhere. The highlight to Sutherland is both a day and night tour to the world renowned observatory. The night tour is an experience one will never forget and should almost be a pilgrimage for everyone.
Jilly Stewart
South Africa

Amazing Little Town
Friendly people, good food and the star gazing was amazing! We really had an Astronomical Time! Thank You Sutherland!
nerise benedito
South Africa

Sutherland - disappointing
Sutherland as tourist destination was very disappointing. The few tourist shops close early on Saturdays and are not open on Sundays - but then their stock is not actually worth staying open for. No restaurants open on a Sunday, except for the Hotel. The observatory is the most disappointing with a 'tour guide' that handles the tour like a school tour with text book info on the exhibitions. We did not even stay to see the telescope. The only highlight is Jurg Wagenar and his Star Gazing experience, definitely worth while. It seems like he and his family are the only ones that are trying to...
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Emsie Norval
South Africa

The town is definitely in need of some attention. It is disturbing to see the decline of a town that has so much history about her. But in saying that, Sutherland is definitely a place to visit as this town has a lot to tell!! Do take the time to book a tour of the church (tour guide Jannie - fantastic person with so much knowledge, put aside 2 hours at least) as well as the birth house of WEG and NP Van Wyk Louw - (Reikie the tourguide took us back in time and one can easily spend 2 - 3 hours at the house - the amount of history of those two places were astounding! Do book a day or night...
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Karen De Kock
South Africa

Weekend in Sutherland
We stayed in a very lovely little place over the weekend. The only problems we had with Sutherland is as follows: the people at the butchery were the unfriendliest people I have ever dealt with. We asked for sausage and cheese sausage each with a price of R50.00; they basically threw the meat on counter and costed more than we asked for. No smiles, no friendly chats. The result, sausage was tasteless. The people kept begging for money wherever we went. SALT was fantastic. Pity the graves are not cared for, except those of the British soldiers. Overall a good experience, but the worst part of...
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Jacques Barnard

Sutherland will be a shock to the system if you arrive from a major city. However, within a short time you will hopefully get into the Karoo pace of life. Explore the gravel streets and you likely to find something you won't typically find in Cape Town. Is that not what a holiday away from home is meant to be? An attraction is SALT, 15kms outside of Sutherland. We could only get onto the hourly tour (cheaper), but probably got more out of it than the proper tour. The guide was friendly and very knowledgeable, and went out of his way to personalise our experience.
Monty Stephenson
South Africa

Great small town to visit any time of the year
Sutherland is known as being the coldest place in South Africa but can be very hot during the day in summer. Peaceful vistas, no air or light pollution and a rural feel bring back the longings for a time gone by. Local sheep graze in fields adjacent to the lower town. whilst a wide Main road and a very historical church make Sutherland a sleepy Karoo town. The proximity of SALT and the excellent tours they offer bring in many visitors each year.
Catherine Grant-Smith
South Africa

Middle of Nowhere - Centre of the Universe
Off season Sutherland is quiet and a long way from anywhere. A charming Karoo town with an attractive church, Boer War cemetery and some genuinely good restaurants. Sleepy is the word.Just up the hill is the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT) an astronomical facility so famous that it attracts scientists and visitors from all over the World to gaze into the vast vault of Space. Awesome is the word.
Martyn Steele
South Africa

Perfect getaway from the City
You can't get further away from the hustle and bustle of the city, than Sutherland. Surrounded by the beautiful Karoo landscape and the most amazing night sky you have ever seen.Definitely make a trip to the SAAO (South African Astronomical Observatory and to SALT (Southern Africa Large Telescope), the largest telescope in the Southern Hemisphere.
Uwe Auer
South Africa

SALT is awsome
Our visit to Sutherland was something I have wanted to do for a very long time as our family are 1820 settlers (Sutherland, Cawood & Hartley families). The telescope was a visit of a lifetime I would highly recommend it.
Georgia Haye
South Africa

Beautiful little town
Sutherland is a real place with real people.
Hanlie Botha
South Africa

Lovely town
I loved our visit to Sutherland. It is such a quant town with a fascinating history. The tourism bureau office is well sign posted in the Main Street and they have a map of the town and all the interesting things to see and do. Do not miss arranging a visit through the church - it is beautiful and so interesting. The grave yard, the Louw museum and the old mill to name a view. I do think the towns folk could do a lot to get people to spend money in the town - people come to see the stars, SAAO and SALT and therefore have to stay in the town. Get t-shirts, mugs, key rings etc with "I survived...
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Linda Glynn
South Africa

A small town with a lot to offer
One has to consider Sutherland as a small community and any upgrades or new ventures would need the community to be involved. We thought it a bit off-putting that you had to phone and book and pay R20 to go the church and museum. There's no tourist information bureau (or one that we could find) to advise on what is available or to make bookings or looking for something to do. But once again, one has to consider the reality of the town. It supports a small community and they seem happy with what it available. If they wanted to promote more tourism in the town (not just for SALT), they would...
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Sandra Hall
South Africa

Sutherland was a disappointment! The town has a feeling of neglect, no character and our visit to SALT was a huge disappointment.I can tick the box, but will definitely never go to the expense of visiting Sutherland again.
Roelien Bonthuys
South Africa

Should look at how Sutherland is marketed. Should be the lovers place in SA. Homes could be upgraded, and made romantic. Clusters De Hote restaurant seems to be the only place that has done anything.
dana yerushalmy
South Africa

Sutherland you beauty
Sutherland is a friendly town to visit and we have made some good friends there. The pace is slow so don't expect anything similar to the city; just relax and go with the flow.
John Fazakas
South Africa

Oh Sutherland
We all came to Sutherland for our first time, beautiful little town with friendly people and enough to do if you can enjoy nature and not big malls, we all enjoyed our stay, we had great food and looked at the stars with legend JURG, which done his job very well indeed, must say that in all honesty, if you do not enjoy stars,nature or food, Sutherland is probably to for you.
Shawn Bongers
South Africa

Nice place to be in winter!
If you want to see snow in winter, this is the place to be! Just make sure to book in one of the guesthouses without electricity and with an coal burner stove and then there is nothing to wish for more! To sit on the veranda with an warm blanket and all you see is the stars! There is no other place like Sutherland to really enjoy what we have on earth.Johan en Hettie van Sabie.
johan peens
South Africa

Scenic, Scientific, Starry, Sutherland
Sutherland is a quaint karoo town perhaps best known best for its star gazing. The South African Astronomical Oberservatory (SAAO) is a 15 min drive away and offers day and night tours. It is home to the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT) - the largest telescope in the southern hemisphere! The town also boasts the childhood house of Afrikaans writer N.P van Wyk Louw and a beautiful church built in 1855. Other attractions include coffee shops, restaurants and local 'watering holes'.For those wanting to get physical there are hiking and mountain biking trails, 4x4 routes, horse riding, donk...
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Thea Koen
South Africa