Stellenbosch Farms Dams Vleis

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Dams Vleis near Stellenbosch Farms

*Distances are shown as the crow flies and are not necessarily the actual travelling distance.

Berg River Dam in Franschhoek

Berg River Dam

Dams Vlei in Franschhoek(34.4 km from Stellenbosch Farms)

The Berg River Dam is a 68 m high dam on the Berg river in South Africa. It is the centerpiece of the Berg Water Project which is designed to capture the winter rainfall and store it for supply to Cape Town during the dry summer months. The Berg River Dam was the first dam in South Africa to be designed, constructed and operated in accordance with the guidelines of the World Commission on Dams. Indigenous plants have been planted on the downstream face of the dam wall ensuring that the dam blends with the surrounding landscape. The scheme was designed to maintain the ecological integrity of the river through the release of water through low flows and high flows that coincide as closely as possible with natural flow of the Berg River. It is the first dam in South Africa where provision is made for flood releases for environmental purposes. Source:

Brandvlei Kwaggaskloof Dam in Worcester

Brandvlei Kwaggaskloof Dam

Dams Vlei in Worcester(77.6 km from Stellenbosch Farms)

Widely considered the prime smallmouth bass fishing venue in South Africa, Brandvlei / Kwaggaskloof Dam is highly sought after by bass fishing enthusiasts. Brandvlei, also known as Kwaggaskloof Dam, are actually two dams; when the water level is high enough the wall that separates the two are submerged. While not immediately apparent, there are various underwater features that makes this water a great home for bass. Boats are nearly essential and you'll need to read the water well. Bank fishing is possible and can be rewarding. The complete list of fish include largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, carp, cape witfish, bluegill and gilcristela. Before your trip, watch out for sudden weather changes as the wind can be very unpleasant, and check if they're any water sport events happening, as this can really hamper your fishing activity.

Kwaggaskloof Dam in Worcester

Kwaggaskloof Dam

Dams Vlei in Worcester(80.4 km from Stellenbosch Farms)

Part of the Brandvlei Dam, Kwaggaskloof Dam (also spelled Quaggaskloof), is used for long distance swimming as well as water skiing, jet skiing and speed boats. The dam features a club house, launch pad and the setting has stunning views. It's a popular spot for fishing carp, whitefish, bluegills, bigmouth and smallmouth black bass. Quaggaskloof Water-ski Club is 15km from Worcester. Open weekends and public holidays.


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