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Visiting Solitaire
Solitaire is a must stop area. We did not stay here but spent some there, had food from the bakery and took lots of photographs.
Petra Fordelmann
South Africa

I heard a lot about the apple pie served at Solitaire and I agree! I'm definitely not disappointed – there’s good quality and value for money here.
Peet Venter
South Africa

Namib-style Bagdad Café
If you blink too long you’ll miss this little outpost and that would be a pity. Solitaire functions as a welcome watering hole and offbeat one-stop shop en route to Sossusvlei and the Namib-Naukluft. Linger a while, explore and let the desert reveal its secrets.
Samantha Black
South Africa

Its name is appropriate
It's the first settlement you see after driving for more than 200 km from Walvis Bay. So it's good to have access to some basic food in a restaurant and shop and a petrol station.It's a tiny place in the middle of nowhere - less than 100 people according to the board at the entrance.The highly praised apple strudel (Apfelstrudel) is overrated. It's more like an OK apple cake. The apples used were sweet and not tart. The pastry wasn't thin and crisp on top. It seemed like a simple cake batter had been used - but I suppose it's the only bakery you'll get in 100s of kilometres.
Fatima Beg
South Africa

What a stunning place and interesting. General dealer to bakery to dining area. A must stop. Unfortunately we did not camp here but it looks lovely. On our next trip to Namibia this will be a stopover for us.
Theo Reyneke
South Africa

Superb accommodation, food and service from staff .A bit disappointed in the Cheetah viewing in terms of pricing of drive versus what was offered.
Anthony Edwards

Oasis in the desert
The only place for petrol and food for miles around! Great for cakes from the bakery and their newly built shady lapa.
Nicole Meyer
South Africa

A Place Lost in Time
Great for a short stop-over.
Elna Massyn
South Africa

A place with real character
A really fascinating place - it feels like you've just stepped into the middle of a Western movie. The best apple pie in the world and some of the most amazing sunsets. A great place to visit.
Katie Cowan
South Africa