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Town of Namib Region

Nice for the contact with the Himba
The Himba people are a very proud and peaceful people, but some men in Opuwo make the Himba people more aggressive than they are! Just because they tell the Himba tourists are bad and just make a lot of money in Europe and give the poor people nothing!For the rest there is a lot of dust and is Opuwo a dirty city!
Alain Hendrickx

Wild at heart with Himba, lovebirds, makalani palms and waterfalls
The Kunene River presents a fascinating and challenging range of natural and cultural experiences in the Kaokoland. The river itself is an oasis in a very harsh arid environment and is home to very large crocodiles, so don’t chill with your beer on the riverbanks! Set aside at least a week if you’re exploring by 4x4 and wild camping from Ruacana to Epupa Falls. Kunene River Lodge is a stunning oasis to spend the first night of your trip.
Samantha Black
South Africa