Planning a trip to the Northern Cape or the Eastern / Western Cape Karoo? A useful and inspirational book to have on the road is the Getaway Guide to the Karoo, Namaqualand & Kalahari - Out and About in the Northern Cape by Brent Naudé-Moseley & Steve Moseley, who are also the proprietors of Karoo Cottage in Loxton.

Karoo, Namaqualand and Kalahari represents not only some of the most remote areas in southern Africa, but also the most scenic and rustic on the subcontinent – a region framed by a stark beauty that provides an ideal getaway from well-trodden tourist paths. This fascinating guide provides a unique exploration of its hidden treasures, national parks and wildlife reserves. Find out where to go and what to see, sound advice on finding your way through the Karoo, Namaqualand and Kalahari as well as alphabetical accounts of all the towns, villages and stopovers, maps and the what, where and how of adventure activities.

Authors Steve Moseley & Brent Naudé-Moseley live in the Karoo where they’ve spent the past ten years writing and photographing this and neighbouring regions. During this time they have developed a great love and respect for its natural and historical heritage, people and culture - all of which have opened their eyes to a simpler lifestyle and different values. Their travel articles and images appear in local and international publications and, after years of travel and research, they have launched a unique photo library ( specialising in the Great Karoo, Kalahari and Namaqualand.

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A magical place
There's something about Nieu Bethesda... It's tucked away in a beautiful valley, with lovely views all around it. The historical buildings, wide streets (unpaved but in good condition), friendly locals and feeling of safety and peace add up to a most relaxing destination. On top of that there is the rather mysterious Owl House to ponder, plus a vibrant Arts Centre, several good restaurants and a variety of interesting shops.We loved it.
Valerie Graham
South Africa

Gem of the Karoo
Nieu Bethesda is a delightful town. The people are very friendly. Our visit to the Owl House was amazing and we enjoyed our dinner at the Ibis Lounge tremendously. We will be back to come and explore more
Diane Laenen
South Africa

A destination out of this world
We loved Nieu Bethesda with its quaint little houses. The Owl House is a must visit for anyone. Restaurants galore with lovely meals wherever you eat. Accommodation is superb and people are friendly and helpful..... The make you feel at home from the minute you enter the historical little town. A destination well worth a second, third or even a fourth return to.Loved it. Well worth visiting.
Lorian Page
South Africa

Slow Life
This place has charm in abundance. Warm, friendly and hospitable people. If you need a break from the city hustle and bustle -- go to Nieu Bethesda. It's breathtakingly gorgeous!
Roshan Cader
South Africa

Art and history and peace
A little town not to be missed and take the road less traveld out of Nieu Bethesda as well.
Yolande Steenkamp
South Africa

Stole my heart
I absolutely love the Karoo and Nieu Bethesda is personally one of my favourites. Children always in tears when we have to leave
amore de klerk
South Africa

Slowing it down
Nieu Bethesda offers us the idyllic retreat into simple pleasures we crave after city living.
Janet Viljoen
South Africa

Renew your Soul
Go there and find out, take nothing away from it, give everything good about yourself, please do not build castles in the sky ...... Nieu Bethesda be true to yourself and grow in spirit. You renewed ours and I hope we are able to grow on your blissful soul.
Ros & David Lindley
South Africa

Gravel road town with friendly people
Walking down gravel roads to buy los lekkers at the corner cafe.... Nieu Bethesda may be renowned for the Owl House,but it is the heartbeat of this little jewel town that will let you return. Long walks,stargazing and settling with a good book with the back drop sounds of the donkeys and windpomp.Loved my stay and will return,beautiful place.
Marinda Bezuidenhout
South Africa

Nieu Bethesda
Place of dreams....Situated in soft foothills and nestled in a breathtaking valley, you will stumble upon a quaint village called Nieu Bethesda. It certainly is like finding a treasure where one least expected it!There are not really words to describe my experience of this hidden gem. Travelling along the rustic Owl Route, a feeling of soft magic enveloped me. In the rays of the afternoon sun, I saw the village in the distance. Time seemed to have stopped and a pleasant feeling of peace settled within. Entering the information center, I met the most helpful lady and received the keys to the...
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Lida Joubert
South Africa

Starlight, star bright
For anyone seeking the glitz and glamour of a five-star holiday destination, I can only sympathize with your limited horizons. I recently arrived in Nieu Bethesda for an extended sabbatical. I was traveling from Cape Town and with each passing kilometer the angst and stresses of urban living were gradually shed and replaced with the anticipation of settling into a new space and the excitement of starting work on my debut novel. Between the N9 and my destination I pass through Rubidge Kloof and at the apex as the road bends I look down to my left into a lush valley where the farm De Toren lies...
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Michael wentworth
South Africa

Diamond in the Karoo
'n Naweek is te kort om alles te doen in Nieu Bethesda. Die donkiekar rit en fossiel ekspedisie is 'n wenner!A weekend is too short to explore everything on Nieu Bethasda. The donkey-car ride and fossil expedition is a winner!
Moira Hattingh
South Africa

We enjoyed everything the town has to offer. We mingled with the owners of various shops and restaurants to get the feel of Nieu Bethesda. It was a pleasure to see the families that put an effort into their gardens and neatness of the environment, we enjoyed that very much and hope that other owners will follow to tidy up the overall looks of the town. Our Karoo dinner with both cooked rice and wheat and almost no veggies was a disappointment but the French barman made up for it. The brewey definitely won the prize for excellent beer and cheese.
Marina Booysen
South Africa

A tiny treasure in South Africa
If one is anywhere near Graff Reinet, a stop at Nieu Bethesda is essential! This tiny village retains its historic charm without being 'touristy' and has lovely affordable accommodation. Quiet and peaceful, one can stroll through the village in an hour. This is a place to visit the Owl House, support a local artist, grill some Karoo lamb, enjoy locally made beer and cheese at the micro-brewery and simply relax while enjoying the spectacular views. A unique spot not to be missed!
Roberta Pazdro
South Africa

No street lights dirt roads and a very safe town. More than enough to explore and to drive around. The Owl house, the museum and the brewery is a must.
Derick Smith
South Africa

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Mareé Stander
South Africa

Best village in SA
Beautiful surroundings, friendly people. lovely mountains. Hospitality is tops.
Althea Jesersky
South Africa

A surreal town
A place to escape to.
Alain Hocepied
South Africa

Owl House Souvenir sellers
This would be the 4th visit to the town over many years and have seen a number of improvements.I think that the appearance of the informal souvenir sellers at the exit/entrance to the museum is really a very poor. Maybe the municipality can construct a better permanent attractive thatched shelter which licensed users can pay a small rent for using otherwise they may not use the area.Good luck. Barry Coetzee
Barry Coetzee
South Africa

Pretty special
What an amazing and charming little town! It takes all of an hour to see everything and then off course a couple of hours to really appreciate The Owlhouse. Super! But that's it I am afraid.....nothing else to do and very expensive!!! R275 for two breakfasts consisting of scrambled eggs, one toast each, one tiny sausage and three pieces of bacon........what a rip off! Self-catering is the way to go! We've learned an expensive lesson!
Pierre Neethling
South Africa

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