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Addis Ababa Restaurant in Nairobi

Addis Ababa Restaurant

Nairobi African restaurant in Nairobi

The extensive menu brims with affordable and authentic African cuisine. Generous portions laden with fresh ingredients and hearty flavour, utensils in the form of traditional bread scoop up mouthfuls and tables with low stools all cater for a traditional dining experience. Located upstairs on the second floor is a traditional setting, simple and welcoming. The walls boast crooked posters of Ethopia and low tables and stools give an atmosphere feel to the setting. Addis Adaba Restaurant is as traditional as it gets and a hearty communal eating experience in Westlands.

Azalea in Nairobi


Nairobi African restaurant in Nairobi

Nestled in a old house, converted to a restaurant, Azalea is all about lovely food at reasonable prices and great ambiance. Dine alfresco under private cabana-like structures or indoors in the comfortable lounge-like setting. Sip wine chosen from the expansive wine selection, served by friendly and helpful staff. Azalea welcomes the palate with a home-away-from home experience off Wood Avenue in Nairobi.

Blanco's Lounge and Grill in Nairobi

Blanco's Lounge and Grill

Nairobi African restaurant in Nairobi

Located just off Argwings Khodek Road, Blanco’s Lounge and Grill is a true Kenyan experience. The vibrant and warm décor preludes African food at its best, catered by great service inspiring atmosphere. Food remains true to Kenyan roots, steering the palate with a twist on local cuisine, while remaining healthy, tasty and colourful. The menu is interesting, filled with local dishes, superbly presented at Blanco’s Lounge and Grill in Nairobi.

Carnivore Nairobi in Nairobi

Carnivore Nairobi

Nairobi African restaurant in Nairobi

Carnivore Nairobi in Langata Road, exudes an atmosphere of medieval banquets, where food flowed endlessly and festivities celebrated the love of good food and wine. The Ultimate ‘Beast of a Feast’ aptly named, offers diners a one 2 one dining experience where a variety of meats such as ostrich, crocodile and camel to name a few, are basted, roasted and carved at your table, paired with exceptional side dishes and mouth-watering sauces. Set amidst tropical gardens in a setting that combines rustic and rural elegance, Carnivore Nairobi exceeds reputation as the world’s 50 best restaurants since opening their doors in 1980. Diners revel and flock from around the globe to taste succulent flavoured meat, basted and grilled to perfection over coals before resting on a sizzling cast iron plate served with crusty home baked bread and an assortment of side dishes and sauces. Carvers dressed in Zebra striped aprons and straw hats elegantly carve tender strips of meat laden over Masai swords watching for diners ready to declare defeat from the bottomless feast by lowering white flags onto the table. Conclude the festivities with an aromatic Kenyan coffee or delectable desert followed by a traditional ‘pawa’ (magic potion) nightcap. The Carnivore offers the ultimate feast, outstanding service and reputation for a truly unforgettable dining experience.

Chic Joint in Nairobi

Chic Joint

Nairobi African restaurant in Nairobi

Located in the city centre, Chic Joint is an interesting bar and restaurant mix. The food is interesting and trendy, with delicious grills, stews and tasty nyama and excellent tilapia. Fresh fish is delivered daily making an ideal choice for lunch or dinner. Dine alfresco on the patio for dinner, soothed by easy listening music.

Divino Restaurant and Wine Bar in Nairobi

Divino Restaurant and Wine Bar

Nairobi Italian restaurant in Nairobi

Located at Hurlington Place, Divino is a first class restaurant with a stylish atmosphere and knowledgeable staff. Expect a fusion of Novelle Cuisine and Cuisine Classic, blended with a trendy and contemporary ambiance and good service. Although portions are on the small side, and the food is costly compared to surrounding restaurants, this eatery makes up for the latter with taste and setting. Enjoy authentic flavours and traditional wines indoors or alfresco for lunch or dinner at Divino Restaurant and Wine Bar.

Habesha in Nairobi


Nairobi African restaurant in Nairobi

This popular local eatery is all about atmosphere and food, with a vibey setting and large portions to satisfy the hungriest palate. Dine alfresco in the garden, sweetly scented by fragrant sage smoke and the dappled sunlight. Tables are scattered around, offering privacy, enjoyed by many sipping home-brewed honey wine. The interior remains bland and un-interesting, so opt to dine outside if the weather permits.

Kahawa in Nairobi


Nairobi African restaurant in Nairobi

Located at the Fedha Towers, Kahawa is a goods spot for breakfast and noted as one of the delicious diners in Nairobi. Boasting an unusual coastal theme, simple dishes and a lovely shaded terrace, friendly staff adds to the ambiance catering for hungry palates with grills, spreads and steaks.

La Piazetta in Nairobi

La Piazetta

Nairobi Italian restaurant in Nairobi

The wood burning oven wets the appetite with the aroma of delicious pizzas, enjoyed alfresco seated under the bamboo shaded piazza or within the warming interior dressed in merrily checked tablecloths and flickering candles. Exuding a rustic Italian charm, La Piazetta welcomes with an intimate and relaxed traditional trattoria feel. The menu proffers delicious homemade Italian pastas, traditional homemade pizzas and a tempting range of antipasti enjoyed alongside a wide range of Italian wines.

La Salumeria in Nairobi

La Salumeria

Nairobi Italian restaurant in Nairobi

Nestled within the Dhajay Apartments, this hidden gem is well worth finding. The secluded location and beautiful ambiance is the ideal setting for a nice, quiet and intimate dinner. Enjoy complimentary bread, fresh from the oven, dipped in balsamic vinegar and olive oil, followed by generous portions of pasta, pizza and traditional meat dishes. This eatery is a little on the pricey side, and is a little pretentious, but if you want authentic and delicious Italian cuisine, this restaurant is right up your alley. La Salumeria is ideal for lunch or dinner.

Lord Delamere Terrace in Nairobi

Lord Delamere Terrace

Nairobi Continental restaurant in Nairobi

A popular rendezvous, Lord Delamere Terrace is favoured by many travelers of today. Steeped in history, this local watering hole secures meals, casual drinks and conversation in a delightful bar section and cosmopolitan café. The menu leans towards continental, Chinese, Italian and Asian cuisine with a fresh and nutritional approach to dining using balanced and local ingredients. Lord Delamere Terrace serviced many palates since 1904 and still today remains a firm favourite in Nairobi.

Malindi Dishes in Nairobi

Malindi Dishes

Nairobi African restaurant in Nairobi

Nestled in the city of Nairobi, this great Swahili canteen is all about great food from the coast. Traditional dishes in large portions rim with flavour in the form of pilau, biryanis and coconut fish. Delicious side dishes such as ugali, naan bread and rice make a feast for the senses. Malindi Dishes is closed for prayer every Friday at lunchtime.

Masrawy Restaurant in Nairobi

Masrawy Restaurant

Nairobi African restaurant in Nairobi

If you seek cultural ambiance and authentic Egyptian cuisine then Masrawy Restaurant is the place to be seen. The décor brims with Egyptian artifacts and fabrics and traditional music and the aroma of authentic dishes, freshly prepared. A children’s play area offers a relaxing dining experience for busy parents for seek some relaxation over lunch or dinner.

Mediterraneo in Nairobi


Nairobi Italian restaurant in Nairobi

If authentic Italian food and an unforgettable dining experience is what you are after, Mediterraneo with its warm colours and ambience is a place visit. This vibey restaurant welcomes you with beautiful Italian-themed décor and a menu that promises great tasting, freshly prepared dishes and delectable home-made pizzas. Mouthwatering cuisine, great wine, excellent service and the homely atmosphere all contribute to a meal that will be remembered.

Moonflower in Nairobi


Nairobi African restaurant in Nairobi

Located on the beautiful grounds of the Palicina Hotel, Moonflower exudes a wonderful ambience complemented by great food, atmospheric fireplaces, Zanzibarian carvings, soft candlelight and comfortable sofas for easy lounging. The à la carte menu pampers with contemporary Kenyan cuisine infused with Swahili and Mediterranean flavours. The picturesque surroundings, with the lower section offering views of the pool, and the relaxed atmosphere, promises an unforgettable dining experience.

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