Kasane is a small bustling town in the north of Botswana. It overlooks the Chobe river, and is quite close to its mergence with the Zambezi River. Kasane provides easy access to three of Botswana's Namibian, Zambian and Zimbabwean borders. It has an international airport just 4 km outside of town, making it the perfect place to begin a safari.

Visitors to Kasane are often treated to seeing wildlife such as elephant and hippopotami literally wandering down the road and through the Kasane campsites. This is due to the fact that there are no boundary fences between the park and the actual village.

Kasane is a very popular fishing safari destination with a wide variety of fish species to be found including Tigerfish and Bream. Sedudu Island on the Chobe River is a favoured spot for birdwatching as well as a grazing ground for elephant, hippo and buffalo.

A short drive out of Kasane takes you to a bend in the Chobe River near the Kasane Rapids. There are a number of picnic sites in the area, with an abundance of birdlife close to the rapids. Look out for unusual species such as the African Finfoot and the Halfcollared Kingfisher.

Sundowner river cruises are incredibly beautiful for game viewing and wonderful photographic opportunities, particularly of the herds of elephant and buffalo.

Visit the old hollow baobab tree whose local claim to fame is that in the early 20th century the hollowed out centre of the tree trunk served as the local prison.

Kasane is also home to the vibrant and inviting Kasane Hot Springs, a lovely natural mineral spa. The hot springs are a well known attraction, with people able to enjoy fishing and birdwatching while surrounded by the most amazing scenery.

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Busy little town
Kasane was very busy when we were there as it was 'The World's Strongest Man' competition when we were there. We found the people charming and cheerful. the setting next to the Chobe River is magnificent.
Mary & Terry Debrick
South Africa

from Turrakom

Kasane town
Lack of any decent restaurant in Kasane but we did not find that a problem. Also no KFC, Spur, Wimpy, Nando`s or any of those franchises. Fuel readily available, a pharmacy, also red meat, any and all groceries and liquor - no problem. No decent clothes shop, so take all the clothes you need. From SA to Botswana do not bring any red meat raw and/or fruit as it will be taken and confiscated at the border and several road check points. No car dealerships. A very small town by all standards and congested.
Eugene Vosloo
South Africa

What a nice little village... Friendly people that live there and everything you need you will find there...I love Kasane
ilze Snyman
South Africa

You haven't lived until you've been to Kasane!
Kasane is located on the banks of the Chobe river and can be reached by road or by air; there are daily flights to and from Johannesburg. Accommodation to suit most pockets is available and there are ample places to eat. A three-hour boat cruise on the Chibe is a must!
Derek Reynish

Kasane review
Kasane is a beautiful place to visit. The town is small, but pretty. There are lots of facilities. There are two main attractions - Chobe National park and the Chobe river. A boat trip in the evening is especially attractive. When driving, you should be very careful as wild animals are often crossing the roads (we saw lots of elephants on the road).George Kyuchukov.
Georgi Kyuchukov

Kasane Rocks
Kasane is a great place to get away to. Its not too developed, so you dont have to deal with hordes of people. 'But its developed enough to find most of what you might need. Kasane could do with one or two more restaurants, however the food and the Pizza Plus Curry and Coffee (PPCC) is to be recommended. A sunset cruise on the Chobe is highly recommended.
Bryony Phillips
South Africa

Nice place
Kasane ist eine kleine Stadt, die sich für Bootstouren und Ausflüge zu den Viktoriafällen anbietet. Für uns war es der Startpunkt unserer Reise und die Tierbeobachtungen auf den nahen Chobe river waren sehr eindrucksvoll.
Norbert Dix

Great vibe in Kasane!
What a fantastic place Kasane is! Really unique and interesting. Wish we could have spent more time here. Lots to do!
Dave Tatz
South Africa

Loved Kasane
We are a family of 4, 2 adults with 2 teenage daughters from Sydney, Australia.Kasane is a great place to visit with lots to do and see. We went on two sunset cruises and loved both. There were loads of animals, saw elephants crossing the river to the island – right there, yep! We were in the middle of it all – amazing – hippos, buffalo and the rest.We took a morning safari and saw a lot of wildlife again. We had our own vehicle, so we did heaps of driving in Chobe - WOW!!! Animals everywhere! Good variety of accommodation and restaurants (at the lodges), good supermarkets. I must add, what...
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Robyn Fameli

Kasane for the camper
Kasane has several camping resorts, both luxury tent and bring-your-own-tent types. A boat trip on the Chobe RIver is a must - the elephants and birds are amazing. The best Oriental restaurant in northern Botswana is on the main road just about opposite the Spar.
Jill Cairns
South Africa

Great central location to attractions
Kasane is a little town and only has a Spar supermarket to buy things for the day, as food and drink at the lodges are very expensive. There is a good restaurant with Italian food. Taxis to and from the lodges are cheap, but you must pay in US dollars.Kasane lies close to Chobe National Park and is a good point from which to visit the park with its many animals. It is not so far, 70 km, from Victoria Falls, but it takes time to cross the borders and you pay in US dollars.
Uwe Obholzer

Quiet Kasane
Chobe Game Park makes Kasane. The river Chobe is a great asset. Kasane is a quiet town.
James O'Reilly

Beautiful river paradise
Kasane is a well-equipped little town, set on the gorgeous Chobe River backing onto the Chobe National Park. Tour operators all offer pretty much the same services, but the value for money is good and the wildlife abundant. For full value at Kasane, I would advise taking up a 4x4 and getting hold of your own boat.
Chris Gantenbein
South Africa

For the nature lover
Kasane is all about nature. I recommend you rather pay a little more when booking into a lodge. We stayed at Mowana Lodge and found the rates very reasonable and the surrounding area exquisite. There is not much to do in Kasane and very few places to eat outside of the lodges that are worthwhile.
leonie naude
South Africa

It is a busy little tourist town. The food at the Old House restaurant is very good.
Elvera Viljoen
South Africa

Great holiday destination
The wildlife - sunrise & sunset drives - and different cruises available are superb!
Desiree Roberts
South Africa

Chrismas holidays
Very beautiful place with lots of activities.
Shelter Ngoni

Lot of possibilities, nice people, national park in short distance and also Vic Falls
Katerina Portova
Czech Republic

Tourist gem!
Chobe is a dream destination in Botswana for animal lovers. I absolutely loved my visit there, there is so much to see, so much to do. Will definitely be planning another trip there.
Fidele Cramb
South Africa

Kasane stopover
Super place to visit and do game drives and river cruises! saw heaps of animals and got some amazing photos! A must do for anyone!
Diane Poulter