Graskop is the closest town to the Blyde River Canyon and Bourke’s Luck Potholes, so it’s a convenient place to stop for lunch on the Panorama Route. Well, it is convenient but it’s more convenient if you decide to have lunch at any time other than lunchtime, which is when the tour buses disgorge their banana-republic-clad hordes.

It’s one of those apparently one-street towns with a whole host of restaurants and craft shops all strung out along the main thoroughfare. There are loads of pretty guesthouses in the area. Graskop is very close to Sabie and Hazyview, so you could do any of the activities in either of these two towns from Graskop, and it’s conveniently close to the Kruger National Park.

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Graskop is a beautiful town, always has been.However it is sad to see that the town council is mismanaged. While we were there we were without water for 24 hours. As a SA citizen we almost used to this kind of service, but for the foreigners that frequent this town it is unacceptable, and you will lose them forever. Harries Pancakes always a winner. Canimambo was our favorite almost daily restaurant. Canimambo ~ Great food and value for money. Excellent atmosphere!
Minette McCabe
South Africa

Visit The Glass House
If ever you stay in Graskop you have to go for a meall at The Glass House. Wonderful food and great atmosphere.
Elsabe Jacobs
South Africa

Graskop always has a pleasant atmosphere.The variety of curio shops make for a pleasant stroll and browsing. Silk shop is outstanding with the large stock to choose from.Restaurants also provide in a variety of tastes.. And then last but the most enjoyable is the scenery.
Pieter Grobler
South Africa

Inspiring views
As I booked in for self-catering and I carried enough food stuff to cook, we were okay, but with Spar as the only option, it becomes prohibitively expensive. Graskop is a beautiful serene town but it would have been nice to have other shops around. I can't imagine travelling at least 30 to 40 km for basic stuff, especially if the weather is not great.
anira singh
South Africa

Quaint little town in a stunning area!
We loved our few days in the area. Graskop very small and quaint. Harrie's pancakes and the glass house restaurant both worth eating at. Lots to do and see. Gods window, the potholes, various falls. Many walks. Chimpanzees down by Nelspruit and wildlife rehab centre out by Hoedspruit were both heartwarming and amazing. Graskop is a great place to base yourself while exploring the area.
William Jelbert
South Africa

Beautiful Scenery
Graskop is a well located place surrounded mountains and falls. To enjoy the beautiful scenery, one needs to visit the place when the sky is clear and sunny.To move easily around, one needs a vehicle with an engine capacity above 1 litre though a litre engine may be used.
Benjamin Likute Bauma
South Africa

Most beautiful place I have ever seen
Graskop, specifically the wonders of the Panorama is a definite must see for any person. The R532 is a stretch of road that extends from Sabie pass Graskop that features the most beautiful displays of nature that one can ever see. Graskop is central to all the tourist attractions of the Panorama route and is ideal for anyone seeking to experience the wonders of Mpumalanga. This area is truly "God's Playground" as it features the most beautiful waterfalls, Bourke Potholes (breathtaking), Gods Window, Wonder View (Amazing scenery), the Pinnacle rock, three Rondavels, Blyde Canyon, and Echo Caves...
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Florence Mahloana
South Africa

What a place! This is God's best creation. If one is looking for peace, Graskop is the place for it.
Mosala Lazarus
South Africa

Graskop is a really beautiful place. It is a great place for one to get in touch with nature. The only problem I had was with the roads. I just wish all the potholes could be fixed.
Tshireletso Matshitse
South Africa

Bad weather
The time we went there it was raining when we came back it was raining, so I am not sure what exactly time to visit there.. but other than the rain I had fun...and Graskop is a coolest place to be. the downfall is that the is no Pick n Pay no Restaurant that we are familiar with, when you climb the God's window when you came down you are so tired, no shop that is selling cool drinks etc.. only crafts
Nomsa Mhembiri
South Africa

What a weekend
It is a nice quiet place, I love the relaxing fresh morning breeze. The place is natural with lots of different and beautiful flora. The roads to and from Graskop need attention as they are really bad. It is not nice to drive there especial between, Mashishing and Graskop.
Ashley Mnguni
South Africa

Small town, great weather
Graskop is a small town and when we were there we had a great weather. It´s a good base for visiting the surrounding areas like the Panorama Route. It has a supermarket, at least one good restaurant, and for the famous pancakes you can choose between the 2 favourites: Harry´s or Graskop´s Pancakes.
Luz Adrianza

Gateway to God's Window, Blyde River Canyon & Kruger NP
Graskop is a friendly town with all the necessary amenities, is located at an altitude of 1430m and conveniently situated in the middle of Kruger National Park and the Blyde River Canyon (45 minutes each way). The lush green mountains and valleys come from an ideal climate of 15/18 degrees in winter and 21/25 degrees in summer; and the rainfall produces spectacular river systems and waterfalls. The dramatic scenery to be viewed along the Panorama Route escarpment is known to be some of the best in South Africa, if not the best. In addition there are a multitude of sports and activities to...
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Melinda Carr
South Africa

Stay in Graskop
Graskop is very good for its biltong, and the very nice bearded man who sells it !
taxil claire
South Africa

Graskop has many natural attractions to visit such as God's Window, Three Rondavels, etc. Great place!
Tseko Shibambu
South Africa

Just one hour from the Kruger National Park, Graskop is a beautiful town and a wonderful place to visit.
Patrice Rodriguez
South Africa

Awesome town with some awesome views!
Graskop is quite a little gem in Mpumalanga. It is close to some of the best views and waterfalls in the country. I truly recommend Graskop if you want a break from the city life and enjoy some truly spectacular nature!
Hendrik Oosthuizen
South Africa

Lovely and scenic
Don't have to much to say except go The mist was bad but The owner of the Graskop Pancakes told us not to worry to go later the Sunday and wow did we see the most amazing scenery, Gods Window should be visited by everyone at least once in a lifetime. Simply beautiful.
Linda Visser
South Africa

Unfortunately Graskop was a little less of a tourist friendly town then we expected. The people were rude, unfriendly and most of the times you feared leaving your car to visit the local Spar because it was just crawling with commuters! However, Pilgrims Rest was a totally different experience!!
Johan du Plessis
South Africa

Good stopover
We only stayed one night en route to our safari but this clean and neat selfcatering unit suited our purpose. we also booked a backpacker room which was just the job - we both slept well and had a hot shower in the morning.The food in the restaurant was simple but good, well cooked and presented. Great view of the big swing!They do what they do well and know their limitations, like advising me against ordering poached eggs for breakfast as they 'dont do them well'!We'd stay again if we return to Graskop. The Leeman Family, London UK
liz leeman
United Kingdom