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SafariNow Groups offers reservations processing services for tourism groups.

You may create a SafariNow Group if your organisation has a significant number of establishments as members.

Destination marketing companies, local tourism and benchmarking organisations can use SafariNow Groups to:

    • Process bookings and payment on your own website
    • Generate more business for your members
    • measure your performance and earn commission.


Create Group


Simple Integration

Request a Quote & Book Now buttons for each accommodation member on your website.

White Label integration, so the full booking process happens on your website using 'lightbox' popups.

See the Solomons Guide for example integration of 'request a quote' and 'book now' buttons.

Branded services and support

Your branding is used on all automated reservations emails and SMS's.

Reservations take place at

Your Group welcome message is used at the start of all telephone support calls.

Managed reservations process

SafariNow handles the backend reservations processing and support on behalf of your company.

Our optimized systems and dedicated support teams do an outstanding job, according to thousands of establishments and customers.

All support telephone calls mention your Group name, and support emails appear to come from your Group.

Secure payments

Customers pay online at your company website.

We handle the online payment of bookings, and electronic distribution of funds to establishments

We pay you commission monthly.

Earn up to 50% of the booking income.

SafariNow earns commission from each establishmen group member, typically 15% of the total booking value.

We pay 40% to 50% of the total commission, per month (after bank charges), depending on volume.

Reporting for you

Our detailed reports are a wealth of local tourism information.

See which establishments and areas in your group are generating interest and business.

Monitor seasonal trends and use our information to optimise your groups performance.

Reporting for your members

You members gain access to detailed reports of their performance on your website.

Our local metrics allow comparitive analysis betweeen establishments, so you can know how one establishment is performing compared to another establisment in the area.


Compatible with Nightsbridge and eRes.

Fraud filtering

We monitor every transaction and take pre-emptive action against fraudulent behavior from potential customers.


Your customers are kept up-to-date via SMS.

Establishments can submite quotes via mobile.

Customer can Book and pay via mobile.

Trusted for years

Trading since 1999, we've booked over 1 million bednights.



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