Core Values

1. We constantly aspire to a culture of excellence, and do not compromise on this.

2. We are an innovative company who values creativity in how we work and in the people who work for us.

3. We empower self-managed, responsible people who step forward enthusiastically in all they do.

4. We value being an inspirational brand.

5. We expect uncompromising integrity in both our internal and external relationships, behaving consistently with humility engendering a feeling of trust in all we deal with.

6. We thrive on change and recognise that our continual success depends on flexibility and our ability to adapt to the ever changing environment.

7. We are a socially aware company that does its utmost in regards to environmental protection and promotion. We actively encourage and value gender, racial and cultural diversity.

8. We encourage ongoing learning and personal growth.

9. We value the family feel and sense of community that we have in our company.

10. We proudly encourage to live a balanced lifestyle, responsibly taking time out to recharge within the bounds of organisational excellence.


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