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'I believe that South Africa is the most beautiful place on earth. Admittedly, I am biased, but when you combine the natural beauty of South Africa with the friendliness and cultural diversity of our people, and the fact that the region is a haven for Africa's most splendid wildlife, then I think even the most scrupulous critic would agree that we have been blessed with a truly wonderful land. I would like to extend a personal invitation to you to come and see for yourself the splendour of South Africa. I know that my people will be delighted to welcome you and I think you will be enchanted by their warmth and hospitality. I am equally sure that you will enjoy our culture, our cuisine and the warmth of our people'.
Nelson Mandela - humanitarian AIDS campaigner and previous President of South Africa (1994-1999)

South Africa is an awesome holiday destination with so much to do you'll be spoiled for choice. South Africa is internationally renowned as one of the world's top game viewing and birding destinations, but it also has some of the world's best flowers, which can be seen to great advantage, particularly in the Western Cape where the indigenous fynbos forms part of the Cape Floral Region, which is a world heritage site.

As if that's not enough, South Africa also has 3,000 km coastline with fabulous beaches and water sports, and great dolphin and whale watching.

South Africa has some fantastic cultural and historical attractions. It's widely accepted to be the birthplace of the human race, so you can explore your roots here and ponder on the meaning of life. You could also visit historical battlefields, fabulous rock art sites and interesting monuments relating to the history of South Africa and the struggle against apartheid.
But it's not all about the past - ancient buildings and dusty museums - it's the people that make South Africa really special. You can spend weeks doing nothing but visiting interesting communities, doing contemporary cultural tours and perhaps spending a few nights as a guest in a township home stay or in a rural village.

For the more physically active, there are loads of golf courses, and an awesome array of adventure activities ranging from mild to wild, serene to extreme, or tame to insane.

But if you'd rather be pampered than pumped up, you can retreat to one of hundreds of wellness centres or spas and be pummelled, plucked and preened to your heart's content. Or you can forget the body beautiful brigade and take a real holiday, indulging in fabulous food and wine and - occasionally - working on your sun tan. It's a hard choice.

Interesting Link: Nelson Mandela Children's Fund

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South Africa Articles

  • African Leopard

    African Leopard

    Powerful, graceful and arguably one of the most beautiful of all the large cats, the elusive leopard (Panthera pardus or "Luiperd") is a master of stealth and survival. By far the strongest climber, it can haul prey twice...

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  • Beaches In Southern Africa

    Beaches in Southern Africa

    Sun, sand, sea, skimpy swimsuits and the smell of coconut-scented sun tan lotion. South Africa has a 3,000 km coastline with thousands of beaches, some of which are more appealing than others. So if you’re after a beach holiday,...

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  • Wildlife In Southern Africa

    Wildlife in Southern Africa

    Very few people visit South Africa and don't spend at least some time in a game reserve or national park. There is a huge variety of game to be seen, and different areas offer different experiences but many tourists seem to have...

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  • African Rhinoceros

    African Rhinoceros

    Rhino » Rhinoceros » Rhinocerotidae » ‘Renoster’ Who would mess with a rhinoceros? Only the grossly foolish, undoubtedly heartless and short-sighted would trouble this noble beast, endowed with great big horns, extremely tough...

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  • Flowers And Trees In Southern Africa

    Flowers and Trees in Southern Africa

    Botanically speaking, South Africa is a pretty special place, largely because of the phenomenal Cape Floral Region, which is the name given to a large part of the South Western Cape. The Cape Floral Region is part of the Cape...

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  • World Heritage Sites Of Southern Africa

    World Heritage Sites of Southern Africa

    South Africa's eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites are captivating and beautiful areas of natural or cultural origin that are worthy of protection for future generations. UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and...

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  • Public And School Holidays In South Africa

    Public and School Holidays in South Africa

    EASTER WEEKEND, PUBLIC & SCHOOL HOLIDAYS 2015 The beach is calling! Book your dream holiday spot before the rush.Don’t miss out on getting away for that much needed family holiday. During the December to January peak season...

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  • African Lion

    African Lion

    The magnificent African lion (Panthera Leo or ‘Leeu’) is the largest of Africa's big cats and is primarily active at night, sleeping away most of the day to escape the intense heat. If you're on safari then the best chance of...

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  • South African Languages

    South African Languages

    South Africa is one of the world's most multi-lingual and culturally diverse nations, lying second to India. It lives up to its claim of being a ‘Rainbow Nation’ with eleven official languages, bestowing equal status on the...

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  • Sport In Southern Africa

    Sport in Southern Africa

    A PASSION FOR SPORTS South Africa is a sports crazy nation – it’s practically a religion, the most popular spectator sports being soccer, rugby and cricket. International matches and big local matches are well worth seeing...

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  • Airports Guide

    Airports Guide

    Mainstream International Airports Oliver Thambo International Airport Johannesburg airport information (011) 921-6262 Automated flight information 086 72 77 888 Distance from city centre 24km (15 miles) Taxi fare...

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  • Top 10 Attractions In Southern Africa

    Top 10 Attractions in Southern Africa

    KRUGER NATIONAL PARK Experience the bushveld and romance of 'real' Africa in this extraordinary park, indulge in a holistic spa at a luxury game lodge or get your pulse racing on a cycling safari... More info CAPE...

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  • Emergency Telephone Numbers

    Emergency Telephone Numbers

    Police 10111 all areas Ambulances 10177 all areas Emergency Services 107 all areas Johannesburg Hospitals and Clinics Sandton Clinic (0) 11 709 2000 Morningside Clinic (0) 11 783 8901 Milpark Hospital (0) 11 726...

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  • Abseiling In Southern Africa

    Abseiling in Southern Africa

    It was only towards the end of the last century that abseiling, also called rappelling, became an activity in its own right. Till then it was just the method climbers used to get off a mountain, cavers used to descend into the...

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  • African Buffalo

    African Buffalo

    Also one of the great big stomping foot, hoof and horn brigade - the Big Five - the African buffalo is like a massive cow on steroids. Once popular trophies for big game hunters, they're fascinating and incredibly gregarious...

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  • African Elephant

    African Elephant

    The African elephant is the largest living land animal, renowned for its intelligence, memory, unique communication methods and amazing social behaviour. The heaviest elephant ever recorded weighed an astonishing 12,000 kg but...

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  • South African Wildlife

    South African Wildlife

    Very few people visit South Africa and don't spend at least some time in a game reserve or national park. There is a huge variety of game to be seen, and different areas offer different experiences but many tourists seem to have...

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  • Archaeology And Palaeontology, South Africa

    Archaeology and Palaeontology, South Africa

    South Africa is the birthplace of the human race. It’s a scary thought and a huge responsibility. It was here – on the Highveld near Johannesburg – where we first stood upright, experimented with our rather useful thumbs, played...

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  • Bungy Jumping, Swings And Slides, Southern Africa

    Bungy Jumping, Swings and Slides, Southern Africa

    OK – why anybody would want to jump off a perfectly good bridge is a moot point but, obviously, lots of people do – and they pay good money to do so. It's not really a mystery – it's probably one of the wildest (safe) adrenaline...

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  • Canoeing Kayaking And Rafting Southern Africa

    Canoeing Kayaking and Rafting Southern Africa

    South Africa is a relatively dry country but we do have some fantastic rivers, lakes and wetlands on which to paddle - and, of course, we have a 3,000km coastline so there is plenty of ocean. In fact, paddling is big in SA....

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  • Diving In Southern Africa

    Diving in Southern Africa

    South Africa has a 3,000km coastline so there are hundreds of dive sites and good snorkelling spots. But, even more interesting, there's loads of variety, ranging from the icy kelp forests off Cape Town to the tropical coral...

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  • Mountain Biking In South Africa

    Mountain Biking in South Africa

    South Africa is a great mountain biking destination. And not just mountain biking – there are lovely day cycle tours and good places for bikepacking expeditions. Most MTB trails are on farms, in forestry land or national parks....

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  • Surfing In Southern Africa

    Surfing in Southern Africa

    Sun, sea, sand and ... stupendous surf. Just think about it. South Africa's coastline is 3,000 km long so it's not surprising that it has some of the best surf in the world. Here's a very condensed run around the coast from east...

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  • Tree Top Canopy Tours In South Africa

    Tree Top Canopy Tours in South Africa

    Tree top canopy tours differ from all other zip swings, foefie slides and flying foxes in their emphasis. Sure - you slide along cables at height but that's where the similarity ends. Tree top canopy slides were originally...

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  • Wine In South Africa

    Wine in South Africa

    South African wine is equal to the best in the world, and the many wineries – mostly relatively close to Cape Town – are well geared up for tasting tours, wine sales and international deliveries. Most also have other attractions,...

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  • Climbing In Southern Africa

    Climbing in Southern Africa

    South Africa is an absolutely awesome climbing destination with an enormous choice of great rock. Table Mountain has literally hundreds of sport and traditional routes – right in the middle of the city. So it’s hardly surprising...

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  • Flying Adventures In Southern Africa

    Flying Adventures in Southern Africa

    If you're into flying, you'll find that in South Africa the sky's the limit. That's because we don't offer rocket flights out into space, but that's about all we don't do. South Africa is one of the few places in the world,...

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  • Horse Trails In Southern Africa

    Horse Trails in Southern Africa

    There are loads of places in South Africa and southern Africa where you can do a gentle day ride on the outskirts of cities or in popular tourist spots, but there are also some excellent multi-day horse trails and pony...

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  • Bird Watching In South Africa

    Bird Watching in South Africa

    There are over 900 species of birds in southern Africa, many of which can be seen to great advantage in the more popular game viewing areas but, if you're particularly interested in birds, there are a few spots you shouldn't...

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  • Windsurfing And Kitesurfing In South Africa

    Windsurfing and Kitesurfing in South Africa

    All you need for windsurfing or kitesurfing is a nice stretch of water and some wind, and you'll find that in dozens of places all along the coast. But - like anything - some places are just that little bit special, and Cape Town...

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  • Golf In South Africa

    Golf in South Africa

    South Africa is a great golfing destination for a number of reasons. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, there are loads of great golf courses. Secondly, the weather is fabulous and, thirdly, the green fees, as a rule, compare...

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