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Musina: keep driving - Musina as a destination? Unless you are going to stay at one of the lodges in the area to view game or you are on your way to Zimbabwe, it's not somewhere you'd really want to go to. The best thing about Musina is the road out of it.

Andy Bryant
South Africa

Interesting Region - Musina is a busy border town with adequate shops, restaurants and accommodation. For a more tranquil environment closer to nature you can choose to stay out side of town on one of many farms and establishments offering accommodation that suits every body’s pocket . Take time to relax and enjoy what is on offer or explore the region from Venda / Soutpansberg to the Limpopo river and from Alldays / Mapungubwe to the Kruger National Park.

Cecil Nel
South Africa

Musina - The Crown Jewel Of The Bushveld - As we washed the dust out of our thoughts at a cosy little pub in Musina after a hard days travel, it immediately became apparent that Musina was no longer a small little town, famous only as the northern most town in South Africa, but has evolved into a bustling border town boasting shopping malls which leaves visitors spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping, apartment complexes and a wide array of other businesses that just a few short years ago did not exist. Primarily driven by cross-border trade, Musina has become the Gateway To Africa. Diamond and Coal mining as well as Tourism are the other major industries which fuels the town’s economy. We were on our way to Zimbabwe for a well deserved vacation and decided to stop over in Musina for 3 days to visit family and Mapungubwe National Park. To our delight, the government has invested heavily in infrastructure in Musina. Most of the town’s roads are pothole-free and Mapungubwe was breathtaking and very well managed. The lodge where we stayed was neat, clean and very affordable with stunning views over Boabab valley. Due to our party being big, we where split up into 3 groups with the other 2 groups sleeping at a B&B in Musina. We where surprised at the many and quality of options available for our accommodation requirements. We took the family for dinner at a nice restaurant and everyone had a good time. Overall, we loved Musina. The town itself has the feel of a busy city offering most of the products and services you can find in the city while on the other hand a short 5 minute drive takes you out of town where the beauty and majesty and silence of the Bushveld with the mighty Boabab trees and abundant wild life takes your breath away. We are very glad we stopped over in Musina to recharge our batteries before taking on Beitbridge border post to cross over into Zim for our holiday. In our opinion Musina is the crown jewel of the Bushveld.

Freddie Crossberg
South Africa

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Things to do near Musina(Messina)

  • Messina Golf Club Messina Golf Club

    Golf Course
    1.1km from Musina(Messina)

    Messina Golf Club is a well kept and interesting golf course at very reasonable tariffs. There is a nice...
  • Musina Nature Reserve Musina Nature Reserve

    Nature Reserve
    6.2km from Musina(Messina)

    Spot rare antelope and marvel at bizarre trees Previously named Messina Baobab Forest Reserve for the...
  • Museum of the Drum and Dzata Ruins Museum of the Drum and Dzata Ruins

    Theatre, Gallery or Museum
    60.4km from Musina(Messina)

    Can you hear the drum beat; can you feel the earth spin? Venture off the beaten track 50km north-east...
  • Lake Fundudzi Lake Fundudzi

    Popular Attraction
    63.8km from Musina(Messina)

    One of South Africa’s largest natural lakes, Lake Fundudzi is situated near the northern part of the...
  • Sagola Baobab - The Big Tree Sagola Baobab - The Big Tree

    Popular Attraction
    68.6km from Musina(Messina)

    Sagole Baobab, also known as the Sagole Big Tree, is South Africa's largest baobab. The impressive...
  • Mashovhela Pool Mashovhela Pool

    Popular Attraction
    70.5km from Musina(Messina)

    Mashovhela, also traditionally known as “the place where the drums can be heard”, is the second most...
  • Mabudashango Hiking Trail Mabudashango Hiking Trail

    Hiking Trail
    72.9km from Musina(Messina)

    Tramp through the Sacred Forest of Magoebaskloof Easily one of the most stunning trails in the Limpopo,...
  • Louis Trichardt Golf Club Louis Trichardt Golf Club

    Golf Course
    78.6km from Musina(Messina)

    Louis Trichardt Golf Club is one of the best 9-hole courses in South Africa, if not the best. The...
  • Dancing Fish Gallery Dancing Fish Gallery

    Theatre, Gallery or Museum
    80.1km from Musina(Messina)

    The Dancing Fish Gallery presents an exhibition about Venda, Tsonga and Northern Sotho culture, as well...
  • Roodewal Nature Reserve Birdwatching Roodewal Nature Reserve Birdwatching

    Popular Attraction
    86.0km from Musina(Messina)

    Roodewal Nature Reserve is a birders paradise where you can spot species like African broadbill, narina...
  • Mukondeni Pottery Village Mukondeni Pottery Village

    Village Marketplace
    102.5km from Musina(Messina)

    Mukondeni Pottery Village was founded by Sarah Munyai, who started the art of pottery at the young age...
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Musina(Messina) Restaurants

  • Buffalo Ridge Spur Buffalo Ridge Spur

    South African Restaurant
    1.9km from Musina(Messina)

    1 Review
    There are over 237 local Spur steak branches and 28 international ones. Spur offers hearty and...
  • Villa Italia Villa Italia

    Italian Restaurant
    12.4km from Musina(Messina)

    Housed in a traditional thatch building, Villa Italia delights passionate palates with hearty Italian...
  • Explorer's Restaurant Explorer's Restaurant

    South African Restaurant
    25.9km from Musina(Messina)

    Located within the Mountain View Hotel set against a blushing backdrop of Southpanberg Mountains,...
  • Acacia Restaurant Acacia Restaurant

    African Restaurant
    77.7km from Musina(Messina)

    Perched at the foothills of the mysterious Soutpansberg Mountains, Acacia Restaurant boasts full English...
  • Ocean Basket Louis Trichardt Ocean Basket Louis Trichardt

    Seafood Restaurant
    79.3km from Musina(Messina)

    Ocean Basket is a popular South African restaurant offering hearty, fresh seafood at affordable prices....
  • Kolobe's Pub & Grill Kolobe's Pub & Grill

    80.2km from Musina(Messina)

    Grab something to eat and drink. We are located just off the N1 past the Capricorn Toll gate. We serve...
  • The Woodowl Restaurant The Woodowl Restaurant

    African Restaurant
    85.0km from Musina(Messina)

    Nested beneath the shades of centuries old Wild Fig trees in an old farmhouse, this intimate country...
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