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Mossel Bay is considered by many to be the westernmost extent of the “real” Garden Route. It’s a rather sprawling town, with a natural gas refinery and huge storage tanks on the outskirts so its approach is not particularly attractive. However, it has some of the most wonderful... Read more

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De Bakke (Mossel Bay) Suburb of Mossel Bay

Mossel Bay is so clean! - Before we decided to have a holiday in Mossel Bay, a friend commented that it was 'so clean'. Absolutely true. Even though the Buffalo Rally was on while we were there, everything was well controlled. And the day after some 3000 bikers had left, the campsite was spotless again. The city is so well-kept, it is a real example for us in Gauteng where litter is the order of the day. Santos Beach doesn't have waves so is great for 'exercise swimming'; however, Dias Beach, just up the road does have great waves. All in all a great holiday!

Doug Laurie
South Africa

Best kept secret - Beautiful scenery, range of good accommodation, excellent restaurants, wonderful beaches, interesting shops. Also an ideal base from which to explore the klein karoo and numerous mountain passes.

Alan Nicholls
South Africa
Dana Bay Suburb of Mossel Bay

Small town outside Mossel Bay - If you want to be outside Mossel Bay to enjoy the peace and tranquil surroundings then stay in Dana bay and explore around it

heidi geyser
South Africa
Pinnacle Point Suburb of Mossel Bay

Beautiful views - We took a drive throught the golf estate and clubhouse and we enjoyed the stunning views of the ocean.

Melisha Bruinders
South Africa
Diaz Beach Suburb of Mossel Bay

Rustigheid - Dit is een van die mooiste en skoonste strande wat daar is. Dit is lekker om net te stap en die natuurskoon te bewonder.

Philip Lerm
South Africa
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Things to do near Mossel Bay

  • Maritime Museum Maritime Museum

    Theatre, Gallery or Museum
    2.1km from Mossel Bay

    2 Reviews
    View a life-sized replica of the caravel that brought master mariner and explorer Bartolomeu Dias to the...
  • Post Office Tree Post Office Tree

    Popular Attraction
    2.1km from Mossel Bay

    1 Review
    In 1501 a letter was left in a sailor's boot up a tree near the fountain by the navigator Pedro...
  • Pinnacle Point Golf Course Pinnacle Point Golf Course

    Golf Course
    4.6km from Mossel Bay

    1 Review
    Designed by celebrated golf architect Peter Matkovich and pro golfer Darren Clarke, Pinnacle Point Golf...
  • Dias Maritime Museum Dias Maritime Museum

    Theatre, Gallery or Museum
    2.3km from Mossel Bay

    1 Review
    This museum has a good display of the history of Mossel Bay. A replica of the caravel with which...
  • Dana Bay Beach Dana Bay Beach

    9.3km from Mossel Bay

    1 Review
    Dana Bay boasts an elevated scenic viewpoint over the beach, offering amazing whale watching...
  • Langeberg Mall Langeberg Mall

    Shopping Mall
    4.2km from Mossel Bay

    1 Review
    Langeberg Mall’s exciting retail fusion offers a number of franchise and boutique fashion stores;...
  • Mosselbaai Mall Mosselbaai Mall

    Shopping Mall in
    Mossel Bay

    Mosselbaai Mall Shopping Centre is located on Louis Fourie Road. The Centre has 3 entrances, free...
  • Mossel Bay Golf Course Mossel Bay Golf Course

    Golf Course
    1.2km from Mossel Bay

    Tee off into the sea breeze on one of the stunning Garden Route golf courses. Founded in 1905, Mossel...
  • Diaz Beach Water World Diaz Beach Water World

    Popular Attraction
    3.7km from Mossel Bay

    Diaz Beach Water World is part of the Diaz Beach Hotel & Resort, offering a totally fun experience for...
  • St Blaize Hiking Trail St Blaize Hiking Trail

    Hiking Trail
    3.9km from Mossel Bay

    The St Blaize Hiking Trail is a wonderfully scenic combination of craggy coastline, interesting caves...
  • Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary

    Animal Park
    10.8km from Mossel Bay

    Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 2005, and now resides on the outskirts of Mossel Bay...
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Mossel Bay Restaurants

  • Cafe Gannet Cafe Gannet

    Seafood Restaurant
    2.3km from Mossel Bay

    1 Review
    Acclaimed for ingeniously prepared local seafood specialties, the Café Gannet Restaurant is Mossel Bay's...
  • Kaai4 Restaurant Kaai4 Restaurant

    South African Restaurant
    2.5km from Mossel Bay

    1 Review
    Enjoy traditional South African food relaxing along the peninsula with the aroma of freshly baked...
  • Big Blu Big Blu

    Spanish Restaurant
    4.0km from Mossel Bay

    1 Review
    Big Blu, formerly Tidals restaurant, has reincarnated itself with a little help from mother nature. In a...
  • Patricks Pub and Restaurant Patricks Pub and Restaurant

    Pub Meals Restaurant
    3.3km from Mossel Bay

    1 Review
    Patricks Pub and Restaurant rests in the heart of Mossel Bay and is the ideal place for quick snack or...
  • Ponto Grill and Carvery Ponto Grill and Carvery

    Grills Restaurant
    3.8km from Mossel Bay

    1 Review
    Ponto Grill and Carvery offers guests a menu consisting of only the most delicious meals from succulent...
  • The Kingfisher Seafood Restaurant The Kingfisher Seafood Restaurant

    Seafood Restaurant
    3.9km from Mossel Bay

    1 Review
    For fabulous seafood, The Kingfisher Seafood Restaurant is a must-try. This popular restaurant has a...
  • The Galley The Galley

    3.3km from Mossel Bay

    The Galley Restaurant is situated in the heart of beautiful Mossel Bay. We specialise in seafood and...
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Top Destinations near Mossel Bay

  • George George

    40.6km from Mossel Bay

    27 Reviews
    George is the de Facto capital of the Garden Route, its largest town by far, and...
  • Hartenbos Hartenbos

    6.5km from Mossel Bay

    15 Reviews
    Originally a farm that was established during colonial times, Hartenbos has transformed into a holiday...
  • Diaz Beach Diaz Beach

    3.7km from Mossel Bay

    11 Reviews
    Diaz Beach occupies a relatively small area of Mossel Bay, but is regarded as a highly sought-after...
  • Dana Bay Dana Bay

    7.6km from Mossel Bay

    9 Reviews
  • Ruiterbos Ruiterbos

    32.8km from Mossel Bay

    5 Reviews
  • Heatherlands Heatherlands

    39.2km from Mossel Bay

    4 Reviews
  • Outeniqua Strand Outeniqua Strand

    21.3km from Mossel Bay

    3 Reviews
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    Mossel Bay