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Medina - The ancient Medina (walled city) of Marrakech is a truly amazing and unique place. Fully deserving of its Unesco World Heritage listing, a visit to the medina will transport you to another world as you wander through the maze of alleys, the vibrant souks (markets) and the thronging squares within the rosy glow of its mud walls. The bombardment of sounds, Balek! Balek! (mind your backs) as you dodge donkey carts impossibly laden with market produce,the bells and horns of bicycles and mobilettes, the resounding call to prayer at certain times of day AND night, will send you searching out the nearest cafe where you can climb to the roof terrace and look down from a different perspective with a restoring mint tea in your hand. The overload of scents through the souks from the spice stalls piled high with cumin, paprika, corriander, so evocative of Moroccan cuisine, to the homemade soaps and baskets of dried rosebuds and lavender flowers, contrasting with the pungent leathers worked into travel bags and poufs temptingly available in every colour, begging to be taken home. Even the bunches of mint you will be offered to hold under your nose will not be enough to mask the overpowering smells of the traditional curing method of the hides witnessed at the tanneries which give moroccan leather its distinctive odour. I found a dab of tiger's balm in the nostrils did the trick! The vibrancy of colours in the striped vegetable silk throws hanging from the stalls, the dyed wool skeins drying overhead in the wool dyers souks, the exotic spice colours piled into cones of every spice imaginable and more. The gleam and shine of the hundreds of ornate silver, brass and bronze lamps and lanterns intricately worked and lovingly polished, the embroidered decorations on the traditional staw baskets raising them to unusual and desirable levels, the variety of patterns on the berber knitted hats piled high in on the ground infront of the women selling them, and the traditional designs on the carpets draped on every wall for your choice. Even the subtle changes in the caged chameleons as you pass them will take your eye. This cacophony of senses unite in the main square of Jmaa el Fnaa, where people, donkeys, bikes, carts, cars and trucks weave past snake charmers, monkeys on shoulders, robed story tellers, acrobats and jugglers, water sellers in their traditional red costumes, wide hats and clanging bells, false teeth sellers, henna artists, little girls selling packets of tissues, freshly squeezed orange juice and smokingly delicious smells from the food stalls, all to the background sounds of the prayer calls and the constant beat of the bongo drums..............This to me is the Medina of Marrakech.

Helen Menorca

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Things to do near Marrakech

  • Jardin Majorelle Jardin Majorelle

    Popular Attraction
    1.0km from Marrakech

    Jardin Majorelle is literally an oasis in the heart of the Red City. The artist who designed and created...
  • Toubkal Mountain Guided Day Treks Toubkal Mountain Guided Day Treks

    Hiking Trail
    59.2km from Marrakech

    Explore the Atlas Mountains and experience the people and their culture on foot. The huge Atlas...
  • Toubkal Ascent Toubkal Ascent

    Hiking Trail
    64.4km from Marrakech

    Mount Toubkal (4167m) is the highest mountain in North Africa; it is situated at 4167M above sea level....
  • Sunset Surfhouse Sunset Surfhouse

    Sport Stadium or Club
    224.5km from Marrakech

    Morocco is more than just north Africa's premier surfing destination, it's a true melting pot of...
  • Marrakech Desert Tours Marrakech Desert Tours

    Popular Attraction
    430.0km from Marrakech

    ''Morocco Camel Trekking Merzouga'' create customised Morocco Tours to suit your requirements and...
  • Madrasa Bou Inania Madrasa Bou Inania

    Popular Attraction
    430.5km from Marrakech

    The Madrasa Bou Inania is a madrasa in Fes, Morocco. Abu Inan Faris founded it in AD 1351–56. He also...
  • Camel Trekking Tours Camel Trekking Tours

    Popular Attraction
    447.2km from Marrakech

    Les Pyramides Hotel offers several guided desert activities including camel trekking. These unique...
  • Overnight Camel Trek Overnight Camel Trek

    Popular Attraction
    447.2km from Marrakech

    Mouhou Tours offer magical nights in a desert camp in Merzouga. Go camel trekking in the Sahara Desert...
  • Tanji Bird Reserve Tanji Bird Reserve

    Nature Reserve
    2251.9km from Marrakech

    Tanji Bird Reserve is situated on the Atlantic coast 15 km southwest of the main tourist areas of Fajara...
  • Tower of London Tower of London

    Popular Attraction
    2377.6km from Marrakech

    Situated on the north bank of the River Thames is one of the country’s most popular attractions, Her...
  • Sierra Leone National Museum Sierra Leone National Museum

    Theatre, Gallery or Museum
    2635.9km from Marrakech

    Sierra Leone’s National Museum is located at the centre of Freetown under the branches of the city’s...
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Marrakech Restaurants

  • Es Saadi Es Saadi

    French Restaurant
    1.3km from Marrakech

    Es Saadi is set within the hotel, in the heart of Hivernage. This renowned restaurant delivers service...
  • Cafe Bousafsaf Cafe Bousafsaf

    Light Meals Restaurant
    1.0km from Marrakech

    Café Bousafsaf is situated in the Jardin Majorelle Gardens. The French painter, Jacques Majorelle,...
  • Dar Essalam Dar Essalam

    Moroccan Restaurant
    1.9km from Marrakech

    Dar Essalam deserves to be called a popular attraction as well as an authentic Moroccan restaurant. Here...
  • Bleu d Orange Bleu d Orange

    Italian Restaurant
    2.6km from Marrakech

    Bleu d'Orange is located at the Four Seasons and serves up Italian cuisine with some flair. The trendy...
  • Cafe Arabe Cafe Arabe

    Italian Restaurant
    1.2km from Marrakech

    Café Arabe is an oasis in the middle of Medina. The traditional Moroccan dishes coupled with authentic...
  • Le Bon Marche Le Bon Marche

    French Restaurant
    1.3km from Marrakech

    Le Bon Marche is a trendy and upmarket restaurant offering lunch and dinner. The evening turns Le Bon...
  • Fouquet's Marrakech Fouquet's Marrakech

    French Restaurant in

    Fouquet's has effectively brought the essence of Paris to Morocco. The restaurant prepares French...
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