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Lusaka Travel Guide

Lusaka is full of charming and bustling markets, such as the Lumburma Market, which is a popular attraction to both tourists and locals alike.

The attractive Lusaka National Museum is a must see, displaying the areas cultural history in the four main sections of ethnography, witchcraft, history, and contemporary art.

Kabwata Cultural Centre, found on Burma Road, is the city’s best spot for buying beautiful hand-carved crafts.

Other attractions include the National Assembly building, the Anglican cathedral, the State House and the Munda Wanga Botanic and Zoological Gardens.

A short drive from Lusaka is the Kalimba Reptile Park, which boasts a wide variety of crocodiles, snakes and chameleons.

The Munda Wanga Environmental Park is one of the most famous attractions. A naturalistic environment has been created in every enclosure for the animals. Sightseeing in Lusaka is incomplete without a visit to this park. The park has been built to underline the need fo ther conservation of wildlife. There is also a sanctuary within this park, with yellow baboons, elephants, tigers, the African painted dog, bears and lions.

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