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Luderitz is a beautiful, unique little town that lies with its back to the bay and the rugged, but beautiful Namibian desert in front. The distinctly Bavarian, colonial-style architecture lends an atmosphere not easily matched and an Old World charm that envokes the spirit of the turn of the 19th... Read more

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Luderitz - Kolmanskop was the highlight of our trip, that was fantastic.

donavan store
South Africa

Relax and enjoy - You need to visit Luderitz! I recommend spending two to three days for a visit. A 4x4 or decent vehicle for driving on dirt roads is required.

Pieter Roux
South Africa

Ghost town on saturday afternoon! - Nice city on the coast; a good stop after dryness and heat of the others parts of Namibia. Nice boat trips to do on "Zeepard" and its captain. Diaz point, Agata beach... But town was absolutely empty on Saturday afternoon and evening ! (the same on Sunday!); even lots of restaurants were closed. Good oysters, lobsters and fish

christine Martin

Beautiful surroundings - Luderitz is a nice little town with beautiful houses in many different colors. But the Luderitz surroundings are absolutely splendid. We planned a boat trip but is was very windy, so we couldn't go. So we drove away from the city and stopped over at a few most wonderful bays nearby Diaz point. No people, just us and nature and a lot of flamingos. We took a lot of pictures! Absolutely recommendable. The Ritsies is a very good restaurant in the city centre.

philip nijs

Holidays - We were in Luderitz on a long weekend: Sunday and Monday (a public holiday). All restaurants were closed. Where do tourists go to eat on Sundays & public holidays? Nothing else was open for tourists either. It is a very picturesque town however, and we could take plenty of pictures (as there was nothing else to do).

Birgit Leicher
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Things to do near Luderitz

  • Agate Beach Agate Beach

    4.4km from Luderitz

    2 Reviews
    Agate Beach is a long sandy beach situated in a bay fringed and fringed by desert dunes. Seal Island...
  • Diaz Point Diaz Point

    Popular Attraction
    7.6km from Luderitz

    2 Reviews
    An interesting landmark, where visitors can view the red and white striped lighthouse that was...
  • Zeepaard Boat Tour Zeepaard Boat Tour

    Popular Attraction in

    1 Review
    Come and enjoy a cruise on the spacious Zeepaard catamaran, just off the coast from Luderitz. Depending...
  • Bogenfels Rock Arch Bogenfels Rock Arch

    Popular Attraction
    94.5km from Luderitz

    Situated in the Sperrgebiet National Park between Luderitz and Oranjemund is Bogenfels, noted for its...
  • Goerke Haus Goerke Haus

    Popular Attraction
    1.2km from Luderitz

    Goerke Haus was one of the most extravagant mansions built during the diamond-mining boom at the turn of...
  • Sedina Schoomer Trips Sedina Schoomer Trips

    Popular Attraction in

    Hop aboard for a trip starting at Luderitz harbour, passing the old whaling station at Stormvogel Bucht,...
  • Felsenkirche Felsenkirche

    Popular Attraction
    1.2km from Luderitz

    Built in 1911, this beautiful church overlooks the quaint town of Luderitz from the top of Diamond Hill....
  • Kolmanskop Kolmanskop

    Popular Attraction
    10.5km from Luderitz

    Kolmanskop or Kolmanskuppe is a ghost town in the Namib Desert not far from the small port of Lüderitz....
  • Fish River Canyon Hiking Trail Fish River Canyon Hiking Trail

    Hiking Trail
    295.4km from Luderitz

    The Fish River Canyon Hiking Trail is a tough challenge, one that draws seasoned hikers and trail...
  • The Seven Sisters Mountain Range The Seven Sisters Mountain Range

    Popular Attraction
    315.1km from Luderitz

    The Seven Sisters Mountain range is where the Waterberg massif begins. They are one of the most...
  • Aussenkehr Nature Park Trails Aussenkehr Nature Park Trails

    4 x 4 Trails
    327.4km from Luderitz

    Aussenkehr Nature Park is located about 42 km from Noordoever in Namibia. Aussenkehr has two trails...
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Luderitz Restaurants

  • Bistro d' Cafe Bistro d' Cafe

    Bistro Restaurant in

    Bistro d' Cafe is a brand new restaurant offering extraordinary breakfasts, served with freshly baked...
  • Shearwater Oyster Bar Shearwater Oyster Bar

    Seafood Restaurant in

    Enjoy world famous fresh oysters from the Namibian coast in the rustic atmosphere of a unique this...
  • Solitaire Country Lodge Restaurant Solitaire Country Lodge Restaurant

    Deli Restaurant
    319.9km from Luderitz

    1 Review
    This minute sleepy settlement certainly lives up to its name and is perfectly positioned for the...
  • Anita's Tavern Anita's Tavern

    Seafood Restaurant
    346.8km from Luderitz

    1 Review
    This rustic venue serves delicious food in large portions. The menu focusses mainly on seafood dishes...
  • Scotia Inn Restaurant Scotia Inn Restaurant

    347.0km from Luderitz

    Scotia Inn Restaurant is an a la carte restaurant open to public. The restaurant serves delicious...
  • Sossuvlei Lodge Restaurant Sossuvlei Lodge Restaurant

    European Restaurant
    387.0km from Luderitz

    Enjoy a gourmet dinner while watching the sun set as it only can in Africa. Sossusvlei Lodge offers...
  • Cafe Rojo Cafe Rojo

    International Restaurant
    414.4km from Luderitz

    Cafe Rojo offers a modern feel and fine dining that is at the same time relaxed and laid-back. The...
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Top Destinations near Luderitz

  • Diamond Coast Diamond Coast

    10.0km from Luderitz

    37 Reviews
  • Luderitz Luderitz


    31 Reviews
    Luderitz is a beautiful, unique little town that lies with its back to the bay and the rugged, but...
  • Kolmanskop Kolmanskop

    9.9km from Luderitz

  • Diamond Coast Diamond Coast

    10.0km from Luderitz

    37 Reviews
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