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People are friendly, but there are some "looks" if you are wearing trousers. No doubt about it, this is a great place for intercultural history. I am appalled at the lack of care over that history, and the first place I thought was badly looked after and lacking in any imaginative/creative ideas was the main National Zanzibar museum. What a dump. There was no electricity so I couldn't read any of the plaques, and some displays were completely in the dark. It seems that it is mostly used for its toilets by the local market place. So disappointing, I wanted to cry. a great exhibition of an Mtepe was only thing really visible and worthwhile. in Zanzibar, all the money and energy seems to go into predictable seaside/ beach entertainment, and places of historical significance and beautiful things from times gone by, are ignored and are crumbling. Invest in this side of cultural tourism, please. ~ Veronica Baxter on Stone Town
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