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Nice little town - Nice small town with the oldest church of Africa and historic Portuguese buildings. A stop of one hour is enough to walk around the interesting parts.

roui augusto

Experience Inhambane Province - Inhambane "Land of the Good People" - The people of Inhambane are vibrant and friendly, the coast line and beaches are simply breathtaking and if you are into seafood – you could not wish for anything more: giant prawns, crabs, lobster and fish are in abundance – washed down with excellent local beers. Inhambane enjoys an almost carnival atmosphere, and its culture is a heady mix of Portuguese and Arab African. There are lots to see, including world-renowned beaches, World Heritage sites, funky colonial architecture and colourful local culture. Inhambane also boasts some of the best yacht charter, scuba diving and fishing in the world. Inhambane is blessed with the strongest coastal assets in southern Africa. Its coastline remains unexplored and has a very diverse landscape, flora and fauna. Marine life is present in large quantities and international diving and fishing experts praise its quality. Large marine species such as dolphins, whales, whale sharks, manta ray, turtles, and therare dugongs, make up a diverse and interesting coastal experience. Inhambane is blessed with a scenic landscape and travelling between tourism destinations is an experience in itself.

Hanlie Steyn

INHAMBANE, Diversity of Paradise - For the Seasoned traveller to Mozambique you will know that travelling more northern up into the country you are more likely to find locations along the vast coastline to be more alluring. This is due to the diversity of Inhambane. Inhambane can cater to the needs of any traveller, so it does not matter whether you are looking for the buzz and ethnicity of the town itself, or if you are looking for solitude on the outstretched white beaches. The trick is knowing when to find what you are looking for and when to be there. The different areas of Inhambane provide a great diversity on activities that has been proved to entice both young and old. Fishing, diving and snorkelling is the preferred few, but just taking a day and driving out to other areas, whether you take the tar, gravel or sand roads is an adventure by itself. Go exploring from Tofo to Paindane or vice versa. Pack a picnic basket and don’t plan just drive up and stop at different places. You might just find your next activity for the next day or so. Inhambane provides some interesting diving and fishing locations, so make a bucket list and tick them off one by one. Ever wanted to see the large humpback beauties from close....take an ocean safari and experience the glory of the mammal. There is no shortage of interesting things to do and to learn. A must do is have an outing with the great whale sharks and learn about the importance of protecting this species. There is nothing greater that to see the underwater universe with all its creatures both large and small. You can experience local cuisine, white beaches, palm trees to many to count, but the greatest thing you will take back with you? This will be the first time you have spent wisely in your entire life, quality time with family and friends, an experience on or off the water that no one will be able to take away from you, and in the process, you would have lowered your blood pressure for once by just relaxing! When you hit home, you will already contemplating when you will return!

Linda Viljoen
South Africa

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Things to do near Inhambane

  • Liquid Adventures Liquid Adventures

    Popular Attraction
    17.6km from Inhambane

    Liquid Adventures is a watersports centre offering all water based activities.
  • Mercado Central Mercado Central

    Village Marketplace
    1.0km from Inhambane

    Local arts and crafts can be viewed and bought at the charming marketplace, the "Mercado Central". The...
  • Barra Reef Divers Barra Reef Divers

    Popular Attraction
    16.5km from Inhambane

    Barra Reef Divers is owned by Russel Walster and fully operating from 'Neptune' Beach Bar. Barra Reef...
  • Diversity Scuba Diversity Scuba

    Popular Attraction
    18.0km from Inhambane

    Diversity Scuba is a 5 Star Gold Palm IDC center, operating in Tofo since 2000. We have one 7.4 metre...
  • Tofo Beach Tofo Beach

    18.0km from Inhambane

    Tofo Beach is an amazing, family-friendly beach surrounded with a number of bars, restaurants, and the...
  • Tofo and Tofinho Beaches Tofo and Tofinho Beaches

    18.2km from Inhambane

    Tofo is a small coastal town with a lovely beach that offers safe swimming, good reefs for fishing and...
  • Pomene Nature Reserve Pomene Nature Reserve

    Nature Reserve
    106.7km from Inhambane

    Pomene Nature Reserve is a tiny marine reserve incorporating a narrow sandy peninsula, beautiful lagoon...
  • Pomene Hotel Ruins Pomene Hotel Ruins

    Popular Attraction
    108.2km from Inhambane

    Visit the ruins of the vibrant and once-famous Pomene Hotel. You can almost feel the vibes from past...
  • Pomene Artificial Reef Pomene Artificial Reef

    112.9km from Inhambane

    Scuba dive or snorkel with numerous tropical fish in the protected waters of the Pomene estuary. At...
  • Pomene Beach and Estuary Pomene Beach and Estuary

    113.7km from Inhambane

    Pomene Bay boasts miles of soft white sandy beaches and a large estuary with crystal clear salt water,...
  • Mozambique Horse Safari's Mozambique Horse Safari's

    Popular Attraction
    206.1km from Inhambane

    Enjoy lovely Horse Safari's right in front of Casa Chibububo Lodge on the beach. Bookings at Casa...
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Inhambane Restaurants

  • Green Turtle Restaurant Green Turtle Restaurant

    Restaurant in

    French couple, Joelle and Francois run the Green Turtle Restaurant, considered the best in the greater...
  • Castelo do Mar Restaurant Castelo do Mar Restaurant

    Restaurant in

    Castelo do Mar Restaurant. Stay at Castelo do Mar and enjoy our beautiful Portugese Restaurant which...
  • Baba Laria Baba Laria

    Seafood Restaurant
    274.0km from Inhambane

    1 Review
    Baba-Laria restaurant has a variety of food choices, ranging from prawns, fish, crab curry, calamari,...
  • The Green Turtle The Green Turtle

    Seafood Restaurant
    15.9km from Inhambane

    This casual but chic pub-restaurant is directly on the beach at Bayview Lodge, Barra, Mozambique. It is...
  • The Waterworks Surf and Coffee Shop The Waterworks Surf and Coffee Shop

    Coffee Shop Restaurant
    17.6km from Inhambane

    Conveniently situated on the beach in the heart of Praia do Tofo, the Waterworks Surf And Coffee Shop is...
  • Footprints Bar and Restaurant Footprints Bar and Restaurant

    Seafood Restaurant
    113.3km from Inhambane

    Footprints is a full bar and restaurant set on the banks of the Pomene Estuary where one can enjoy the...
  • Samara Samara

    Seafood Restaurant
    210.5km from Inhambane

    Tucked away along the main beach road is a small eatery brimming with seafood specialties. The menu...
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