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Top Destinations near Hibiscus Coast

  • Ramsgate South Ramsgate South

    Suburb in Margate

    42 Reviews
    Ramsgate is a beautiful and popular village on the south coast of KwaZulu-Natal. The village developed...
  • Margate Beach Margate Beach

    Suburb in Margate

    22 Reviews
    The subtropical suburb of Margate Beach is the most popular destination in the resort town of Margate....
  • Shelly Beach (KZN) Shelly Beach (KZN)

    Suburb in Margate

    21 Reviews
    Shelly Beach is a popular holiday destination situated between Margate and Port Shepstone on the...
  • Uvongo Uvongo

    Suburb in Margate

    45 Reviews
    This very friendly Hibiscus Coast town offers beautiful, unspoilt beaches bringing with them popular...
  • Ramsgate Beach Ramsgate Beach

    Suburb in Margate

    7 Reviews
  • San Lameer San Lameer

    Suburb in Southbroom

    23 Reviews
  • Manaba Beach Manaba Beach

    Suburb in Margate

    16 Reviews
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