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  • Humewood Humewood

    Suburb in PE CBD

    18 Reviews
  • Nairobi Central Nairobi Central

    Suburb in Nairobi

  • Nyali Nyali

    Suburb in Mombasa

  • Bilene Bilene

    Town in Gaza

    33 Reviews
    The subtropical fishing village of Bilene lies on the banks of a stunning lagoon between Maputo to...
  • Praia da Barra Praia da Barra

    Town in Inhambane (Prov)

    8 Reviews
  • Shelley Point Shelley Point

    Town in St Helena Bay

    12 Reviews
  • Dana Bay Dana Bay

    Suburb in Mossel Bay

    10 Reviews
  • Diaz Beach Diaz Beach

    Suburb in Mossel Bay

    11 Reviews
    Diaz Beach occupies a relatively small area of Mossel Bay, but is regarded as a highly sought-after...
  • Newlands Newlands

    Suburb in Southern Suburbs

    14 Reviews
  • Kenton-on-Sea Kenton-on-Sea

    Town in Sunshine Coast

    12 Reviews
  • Salt Rock Salt Rock

    Town in North Coast (Dolphin)

    17 Reviews
    Bottlenose dolphin©South African TourismThe name Salt Rock dates back to the heyday of the Zulu...
  • Karatu Karatu

    Town in Northern Safari Circuit

    1 Review
  • Jambiani Jambiani

    Town in South East Coast Zanzibar

    2 Reviews
  • Bamburi Bamburi

    Town in Mombasa

    1 Review
  • Ladismith Ladismith

    Town in Little Karoo

    4 Reviews
  • Sandbaai Sandbaai

    Town in Hermanus

    13 Reviews
  • Mosselbank Mosselbank

    Suburb in Paternoster

  • Bantry Bay Bantry Bay

    Suburb in Atlantic Seaboard South

    6 Reviews
  • Kalk Bay Kalk Bay

    Suburb in South Peninsula

    12 Reviews
    Vibrant and bohemian, Kalk Bay is one of Cape Town’s most interesting and colourful seaside suburbs. ...
  • Sunset Beach Sunset Beach

    Suburb in Atlantic Seaboard North

    5 Reviews