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Victoria Falls National Park Game Reserve of Victoria Falls

Majestic is only a word - Until you see this in person, you don't really understand the beauty and power it encompasses. The only negative was the unhelpful staff at the gate who insisted on charging us double since we neglected to bring our passports with (despite having SA drivers licenses).

Nikolaus Mehl
South Africa
Victoria Falls National Park Game Reserve of Victoria Falls

Spectular - Visiting the falls should be on everyone's bucket list. What a sight!

South Africa
Victoria Falls National Park Game Reserve of Victoria Falls

Incredible views and plenty of activities to do! - People are nice and hospitable (except taxi drivers)

South Africa

Above expectations... - We heard about non-availability of stuff, weak infra structure, harassing and bribe demanding police, but the reports were WRONG. There was not a single pothole on the road. The racks in the supermarkets were full. People were very warm and friendly. The best part is about the police. Passed 14 roadblocks and we were only stopped once (to produce the drivers licence and passport). Our GPS was not picking up the lodge so we checked the route with police and they were extremely helpful. IMPRESSED is what I am with my Vic Falls trip!


Enjoyment - There is something to do for everyone. The Falls are naturally the main attraction. The only "setback" for South Africans is the weak Rand to the Dollar.

Ockert Coetzee
South Africa
Victoria Falls National Park Game Reserve of Victoria Falls

Awesome - Fantastic scenery

Morten Heegaard

Flea Market Experience - This is obviously a 'job creating' market but why so many of the same stalls selling the same stuff? The street beggars are incessant.

James Craythorne
South Africa

Dawn Bonandrini. - Excellent holiday destination, just a bit too expensive.

Dawn Bonandrini
South Africa

Vic falls - We went to vic falls in winter, so naturally it was dry, sandy and dusty. I would like to go in summer and maybe I would have a different view of VIc falls. Other than a lot of things being very expensive, the atmosphere was extremely good. No looking over your shoulder for someone who may rob you. The crime tolerance level is zero and this was fantastic. We walked daily, sometimes getting to the lodge when it started to get dark, and we were never afraid. The people are friendly too, easy to engage and talk to. A lot of activities as well, albeit very expensive, one could never get bored.

Ncamsile Manana
South Africa

Vic Falls attractions - The tram ride is very interesting but is far too expensive (R65).

Harold Wilson
South Africa

Wonderful place - It is a great adventure. the falls are fantastic. something everyone should see: wildlife all around, the beauty of the falls, friendly people.

Harold Wilson
South Africa

Goran Seffer, Finland - We came to see the falls and they are awesome even if the amount of water is not at its top in November. But the main experience was the safari to Chobe. The activities near the falls as helikoptertours etc are expensive. We took a taxi to the local market to see the real life i Zimbabwe, that was more interesting.


Majestic but expensive! - You really should go to Vic Falls once in your life. The falls are awesome but on the whole activities are expensive. If you are a family you can whiz through $1000 very, very quickly. If you're driving, watch out for fuel for your return journey to wherever you're going because Vic Falls often runs out or has fuel in short supply!

Andy Thorn

One of the best places to visit - The town of Vic Falls is safe and easy to walk around, the people are warm and welcoming, and there are plenty of activities in which to partake. The Victoria Falls Waterfall is one of the most beautiful spectacles I have ever seen in my life. I would definitely go back again and again.

Katie Cowan
South Africa