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Mar 2013 - PW Venter -Springs RSA - Roads inside park needs attention. Great landscape and sunset photography opportunities, keep in mind very high temperature experienced during this time of the year: reached a whopping 52ºC driving down to Ai-Ais. 42º-45ºC in the shade

Peet Venter
South Africa

Great Landscape - Fish River Canyon park offers a great landscape. The variety of animals is mediate but enjoyable. Be sure to drive down the riverbed an dip in one of the rock pools.

Tanya Wiesner

Breath Taking - To me the park is a iconic treasure for Namibia. The wildlife was beautiful and as it was the first time visiting the canyon: Absolutely breathtaking and awe inspiring. Definitely a must see, at least once in your life!

David Nolte
South Africa

Fish River Canon Destination - A must second only to the Grand Canon USA.

Paul Rose
South Africa

Spectacular - The gravel roads are well maintained. We started with drink with Altus at Grunau Pub collecting good local knowledge. The arrival at the canyon was spectacular. We highly recommended the sunrise and sunsets at the view site.

David Purnell
South Africa