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  • La Lucia La Lucia

    12.9km from Durban

    15 Reviews
    La Lucia is quite a small suburb that quietly lies between the busier areas of Durban North and Umhlanga...
  • Umhlanga Rocks Umhlanga Rocks

    14.4km from Durban

    10 Reviews
    Umhlanga Rocks is an upmarket seaside suburb that is just a 15-minute drive from the Durban’s centre....
  • Morningside Morningside

    4.2km from Durban

    10 Reviews
  • Kloof Kloof

    19.4km from Durban

    9 Reviews
  • Glenwood Glenwood

    3.2km from Durban

    9 Reviews
  • Point Point

    3.1km from Durban

    6 Reviews
  • Umhlanga Ridge Umhlanga Ridge

    15.1km from Durban

    5 Reviews
  • Sydenham Sydenham

    4.6km from Durban

    6 Reviews
  • Glenashley Glenashley

    11.6km from Durban

    4 Reviews
  • Clare Hills Clare Hills

    6.2km from Durban

    4 Reviews
  • North Beach North Beach

    1.9km from Durban

    4 Reviews
  • Brighton Beach Brighton Beach

    8.8km from Durban

    4 Reviews
  • Beachfront Beachfront

    2.0km from Durban

    3 Reviews
  • Queensburgh Queensburgh

    11.0km from Durban

    3 Reviews
  • Herrwood Park Herrwood Park

    17.1km from Durban

    2 Reviews
  • Athlone Park Athlone Park

    19.6km from Durban

    2 Reviews
  • Treasure Beach Treasure Beach

    10.1km from Durban

    2 Reviews
  • Malvern (Durban) Malvern (Durban)

    9.9km from Durban

    2 Reviews
  • Umlazi Umlazi

    18.0km from Durban

    2 Reviews
  • Silver Glen Silver Glen

    13.5km from Durban

    1 Review

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