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Lovely Cape Town - I love Cape Town. It is so diverse, never a dull moment. Need to go there at least once.

Ron Holland

Beautiful city - It's a very beautiful and friendly city. I would definitely recommend for any one. Everything you may need is around you. Going to tourist destination is not a hustle. "My citi" bus tops it all off

moseki sekati
South Africa

Central convenience - Cape Town is always the best. We were close to everything. (A woman is at her happiest if she can go shopping without any hassles.)

Edna Buys
South Africa

Argus Cycle Tour visit - We loved Cape Town! It’s a well-maintained, clean city and has a great public transport system. The Argus Cycle Race was well organised. Johannesburg's City Council should go there for a few days and learn how to manage a city.

Belynda Nauschutz
South Africa

Bustling vibrancy - Unlike many other South African cities, Cape Town's city center is relatively safe, clean and full of fantastic places of interest. Take a stroll through these historical streets and you'll find a myriad of small shops, restaurants, and attractions. Popular features include the lovely company gardens, the historical Castle of Good Hope, Iziko Museum of Natural History, and Greenmarket Square. Everything that you'll want to see and do in Cape Town will mostly be here, or very close by.

Michael Hanslo
South Africa

History of City of Cape Town - First, Cape Town is the city in the world with the most recorded history IN THE WORLD! I want to believe that very few locals and visitors new that Cape Town got it's own river, running through the city. From the first maps to the current maps, a river, running through the area called 'The Gardens'. The oldest statue in SA, of Sir Grey, is in this gardens, behind the SA Library, and in this library is a copy of four 'first folio's' of Shakespear. The oldest and shortest mountain pass is 'Grey's Pass', at the top of Oueen Victoria Road, running on the side of the gardens. On the maps still a 'mountain pass'. Golden Acre in Adderley Street is the oldest shopping centre in SA. Table Mountain is officially one of the Natural Wonders of the world. And about gardens: Kirstenbosch Gardens is one of the eight most beautiful gardens in the world. The heart transplant at Groote Schuur Hospital was Dr Chris Barnard's first in the world. The Noongun is the oldest tradition in SA, fired twelve o'clock every day, exept Sundays. At first it was fired at one o'clock from the Castle, to announce the time to the city and ships, then moved to Signal Hill. The Castle of Good Hope in the city, is the oldest building in SA. We have the olest mosque in Dorp Street. Heritage Square got the oldest grape producing vine in SA, they harvest enough grapes to produce about twenty bottles of wine. The cement dolosse at the breakwater side of the Waterfront, got global patent rights. Cape Town, with our eleven official languages, are a vibrant city, many day-tours, exiting sites to visit, and being in the hospitality industry myself, all visitors are sad to go and exited to be back soon. Every day a city to enjoy!

Charl Friar
South Africa

The city I love - The experience of Cape Town starts when you fly over the mountains and into the flats of Cape Town, you see Table Mountain in the distance that surrounds Cape Town city and the site is majestic and breath taking. You experience all sides of South Africa, driving past the colourful and lively shacks of the poor; and then entering the high rise architecural buildings of the CBD. There is a vibe in Cape Town city that you only get here. The smiles and laughter of many different people. The greetings of people taking it slowly and others moving quickly. Everyone is generous and friendly. And they appreciate nothing more than being able to tell you about their city that they love. Where ever you are you never feel lost as Table Mountain is always above you and showing you where you are in relation to it. You arrive in a foreign city, but it is so homely. The city has loads to offer, from the best restaurants and food experiences, to using up all the energy of that food in being able to expore the beaches and mountains that surround it. As Design City there are many shops that offer originality and interesting merchandise from furniture to clothes to take back home with you.

Kate Cameron
South Africa

Most beautiful city in the world - Most Beautiful city with Table Mountain and table bay ocean, all the hot spots, shops, markets, best restaurants and night life in the city of Cape Town.

Bobby Fischer
South Africa

Cape Town offers something for everyone! - We have been to Cape town many times before but every time we found something totally different to experience. There is always something exciting to do, but at a wonderfully relaxed pace. If you don't enjoy Cape Town, you probably don't enjoy life in general.

Amelia Sequeira
South Africa

Nightlife - Although I only visited the city centre for business, I did have a good time on Long Street - the nightlife is still vibrant.

antoinette somo
South Africa

Beautiful architecture - Parking is a hassle and the nightlife in certain areas look a bit dangerous. Other than that, there are beautiful architectural buildings and plenty of shops to see.

Danie Grobler
South Africa

City Centre - We enjoyed the buzz of the city centre and found it convenient for restaurants and generally getting around Cape Town without too much trouble. It was clean (for a city) and we were pleased to see so many security people around, especially at night. We definitely wouldn't let our daughter live in that area and we wouldn't visit without the security guys about the place.

Noel FitzGerald

Activities galore - Pop into the Castle of Good Hope for a tour of the dungeons and a look at one of the biggest outdoor baths. Also visit the District 6 museum and find out about the struggles of people during the apartheid years. The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront is a must see and be sure to visit the Two Oceans Aquarium before you leave. Take a cable car ride to the top of Table Mountain and have a bird’s eye view of the Mother City.

Kyle Hepple
South Africa

Night and day - Top of my list when the sun is up is the Pan African Market, Green Market Square, Iziko National Art Gallery, Museum and Planetarium followed by tea in the Company Gardens. When the sun goes down there's Long Street! It’s hard to choose a restaurant; there are so many appetizing options. After that it’s funky pubs, clubs, theatre, live music or an art movie at the quaint Labia Theatre.

Samantha Black
South Africa

Loop Street the place to be! - We spent the whole weekend in the city centre visiting Greenmarket and the parade. Lovely apple crumble at Motzarts and the the most fantastic supper at Lolas. Good food, good wine and good friendly service!

Celeste Loriston
South Africa